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    I have been having problems lately when I rip certain disc. it began several moths ago with Unbroken and continued with Whiplash and most recently Terminator Genesis. I always rip the disc to the hard drive. However when I go to check the results using VLC the audio on the main track emits a series of blips and bleeps like it is only producing slight instances of the audio track. I also tried to rip it to an ISO and then copy it back to disc with ImgBurn or mount it with virtual clone drive but the same lack of accurate audio persist. Interesting enough if I convert the disc to mp4 or wmv the audio track is correct.
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    That's not an anydvd problem. Anydvd doesn't touch the audio the audio like that. Your problem is the playback, VLC isn't a licensed blu-ray player and you proved it yourself it isn't an anydvd problem when you converted the rip to mp4. Same source as the VLC playback, yet no audio problem there => Problem: your player
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    Thank you. Your answer makes sense. Now that leads me to my next question. What are some good licensed blu-ray players?
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    Basically, macred, you more or less have two choices now, Cyberlink and Corel.

    Cyberlink has PowerDVD, which is the recommended choice here on the Forum (I have it as well.)

    It plays just about everything thrown at it, and it has a list of different features that you might be interested in looking at.

    You can look at their info from this link here.

    the other player is Corel's WinDVD. It is ok, but it is no where near as good as Cyberlink's PowerDVD.

    Both have trial versions for you to check out.

    Good luck.