AnyDVD (HD) beta marked as Malware by Bitdefender 2018

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    FYI just wanted to let you know that the
    AnyDVD (HD) beta
    was marked as malware by the Advanced threat Defense portion of Bitdefender 2018 and was pretty much killed by it. Had to reinstall Anydvd and CloneBD and whitelist it in Bitdefender in order to get it working.
    not sure if any other antivirus software out there does this too with the recent changes.
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    Eset worked just fine. If it does you would see it here.
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  4. radh77

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    Thanks for the response guys.

    I was just responding to the original post about the beta by James that's pinned on top of the AnyDVD forum where he's talking about "less intrusive hooking of other apps" and if "Cinavia removal is triggering any warnings by antivirus/antimalware program" to report it.

    Personally I've never had an issue with any AV marking the AnyDVD as malware until yesterday when I've installed the and tried to convert a Bluray to MKV using CloneBD and AnyDVDHD. That's when Bitdefender started freaking out - only when I actually tried to RIP the disc. I do not believe that it's an actual malware causing this (I downloaded the AnyDVD from the link posted in the forum) but that Bitdefender does not like the way AnyDVD hooks into something or the way it removes Cinavia.
  5. James

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    This is indeed interesting. You did tell AnyDVD to remove Cinavia from CloneBD? Does BitDefender trigger an alert, if you disable this option?