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    Can I get a link for the I want to downgrade and did not keep the previous version.
    I am getting no DVD/Blu Ray found when I use it with ripping software.
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    Going back isn't a solution. I suspect some anti-virus / malware / whatever software prevents, that AnyDVD can install its driver update.
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    Ok more information on the error I am getting.
    When I try to rip direct from a DVD. I get some an error "Some files were skipped because they can't be loaded. File missing: X:\"
    This is when using the Load from Disk option.
    When I rip the disk to the hard drive and use the Load from DVD structure I do not get the error. I still get the error if I go direct to the DVD.
    So AnyDVD HD may not be the issue. It was just one of the componants and I needed to explore some. Here is what I did do to test. I first restarted the computer and that failed to change the issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled anyDVD HD and the convert program and that failed. I then rolled back the convert program and anyDVD HD and that failed. So something changed how my DVD drive is viewed in the file manager for the convert program. However the above solution is a good temporary fix. I just have to do it as a multi-step process till something is fixed.
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    Thank you for pointers to downloading previous versions. Just what I came to find out as I'd missed v8.2.6.0, and I like to keep old versions around in case I have problems.
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    Sometimes just doing a simple cleaning of the disc(s) itself and or doing a lens cleaning to your disc drive, if the disc drive has not been cleaned in a while, can sometimes solve read error message problems that sometimes arise when trying to read discs to rip. That is if it is read errors that are part of the problem you are having. This might be in the information that is linked above.