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    AnyDHD HD

    Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, Commercial/Region 1

    The rip appears to be okay in ISO format.

    When converting that ISO to mobile format (MP4, etc.), at about 22 minutes in, a graphic of the desk speaker appears in the lower right. And remains throughout the rest of the movie. It's a function of the copy protection. The conversions are done with Handbrake but the issue is somewhere in the ISO file created by AnyDVD.

    Screen shot and logfile attached.

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    NOT an AnyDVD problem.

    If you were able to rip to iso (which you're not supposed to do for dvd's, hence the warning) AnyDVD did its job. There's no chance of it being a protection issue for such an old title. Your issue is with handbrake and selecting the wrong title.

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    I use AnyDVD to remove the protection. ShrinkDVD (DVDShrink?) to select titles, compress, and make an ISO. Then Handbrake to convert. I am working through versions of the rip with and without various subtitles as it now seems to me to be a function of selected subtitles that are used which only show up during the conversion to MP4. The ISO format doesn't show it because subtitles can be turned on/off in real time.
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    Still not an AnyDVD problem, you're likely selecting the wrong subtitle track then in handbrake.

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    Try Ripping to FOLDER with AnyDVD - then import that folder into Shrink to manipulate it.
    Or just try CloneDVD mobile to skip several steps.
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