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    Thanks, guess I've never had a read error with AnyDVD scanning to see the dialog box pop up.

    It is curious to this non-tech guy that with all the read errors with dirty/scratched DVDs I get in CloneDVD, that I have never had one in AnyDVD. They must be reading different info???

    Only scan DVD's. Scans now run 30-45 seconds for 7 - 8 Gb dual layer retail discs. The prior version seemed to run half that, but I never actually timed before now.
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    Notice the key word (now in bold) in my earlier response:

    The AnyDVD ripper is a separate program included with AnyDVD proper; think of it as a simpler, dumbed-down version of CloneDVD, but with BD support added (CloneDVD won't clone BDs). Until this update (or perhaps a beta or two before), if a read error occurred it would retry a set number of times and then abort the copy. Now, you'd get the Windows version of the old DOS "Abort, Retry, Ignore?" message--except you use CloneDVD instead.

    I doubt this behavior extends to the initial scan AnyDVD performs on all inserted discs. However, the odds of an error occurring on that scan are much lower; it only scans a few key places such as encryption keys, the disc table of contents, directories, JAR files for BDs, and key locations for DVD structural protections. The scan takes longer for DVDs than BDs because there's no known structural protection for BDs (though Sony BD-Java protection is sometimes mistakenly called "structural").
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    Nitpick of the day: When you select Rip to Image, the "Go" button says "Copy DVD". It should say Copy Disc (AFAIK it says "Copy DVD" whether DVD, BD, or HDDVD disc).

    TIA for fixing it! :)
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    that's up to the one who translated the language file.
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    Since he's apparently referring to the English-language version, that would be SlySoft... :eek:
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    or to the one in his native language (if non-english), but posted it here in english so everyone could read it / understand the problem :p
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    Issue with DVD Catalyst

    I don't always update to every patch, so a week ago I went from AnyDVD HD to and it caused bad behavior using Tools4Movies DVD Catalyst version It causes "Drive X removed" messages when scanning to crop area and will then stop prior to converting the DVD to the .mp4.

    I tried a couple of the settings in DVD Catalyst to use a slower mode, plus I tried AnyDVD Aggressive I/O on and off, with no luck. Only when I downgraded to AnyDVD HD, did it work again as expected.

    So something changed between and I'll try the next version, but make sure I always have to fall back on.

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    Update to the latest beta, had some problems.

    The latest beta is If you still have problems after upgrading please create and post a system log for the developers to assist in finding out what the problem might be.
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    I don't get all this "ripoff" talk anyway. Who cares? It's not like removing extras is some new and unique idea. It has been happening in DVDs for years. Just because two programs do something similar it doesn't mean there is any "ripping off" involved. If that were the case pretty much all the code written in the last half-century would fall suspect.
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    Agreed. Thank you for your comment and your excellent work. :)

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