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    First, jdobbs is an amazing software developer and he SHOULD get the respect he deserves. He's been nothing but awesome.

    As for DVDFab, however, they are known to "borrow" code without giving credit. Whatever, that's their business. But I find it dubious that someone would accuse SlySoft of doing that and giving DVDFab a free pass(key) [hehehe, see what I did there? :D] every chance they get. IOW, it's ridiculous, false, and we can all move along.

    EDIT: Seta_rip has asked that the thread on doom9 be deleted. So, again, I ask that we simply drop it here, as well, and move along.
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    Auto is fine. If you're like me and only buy discs from their own region, you can set AnyDVD to that region and forget about it. If you have discs from other regions, set it to auto and AnyDVD will ask you when it can't figure it out on its own.
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    Hey, it's christmas time. Can't we all just do a little more of this holding hands and hugging kind of stuff?
    (Having to hear all these disgusting sickly-sweet christmas songs on the radio all day makes me so tense already - I think they do that on purpose to increase the desperate need for harmony in everybody).
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    HAHAHA, I agree. Let's use AnyDVD's awesome "new" functionality to watch some Christmas movies without the annoying ads and trailers. :D
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    i only want 2 small christmas presents (although "small" might be an understatement, and hell ya can make em new years presents for all i care)

    1) cinavia cracked
    2) cloneBD ^^

    Oh and Peer, ya do know you can turn a radio off don't you? There's usually a "Power" button on one, and if there is just yank out the power cord or batteries haha :D.
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    3) CloneBD mobile
    4) SlyPlayer
    5) Visa as payment option for Europe

    6) Oops, I almost forgot to mention a BD drive :)
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    Can someone explain this please. Is this a pop-up dialog that occurs only when an error is encountered when doing a Rip to Image?

    If yes, I'd have much preferred a Setting (I couldn't find any) where I can either choose to ignore, or retry x times, ahead of the rip attempt.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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  9. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    standard I/O rules apply

    The dialog is off-the-shelf Windows like for all other standard READ/WRITE operations. Now the user gets the chance to decide in this process instead of "all or nothing" previously. This should please most users. :eek:
  10. Coeno

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    AACS MKB version 28

    Great update, guys.:clap:
    I didn't know that you allready supported AACS MKB version 28.
    You keep amaze me every update.
    As allways, thank you.:bowdown:
  11. James

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    Yes, since more than 2 months. ;)
  12. DukeOfUrl

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    Re: Rip to Image errors

    Thanks for confirming.
    Ok, well, count me among the "others" then. No big deal, I just don't like returning to a PC to find it stopped somewhere-along-the way (possibly very early in the process) waiting for input. But it's better than it was.

    If a disc is-or-becomes suspect I rip w/IsoPuzzle anyway.
  13. dvdit

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    I ripped The Help with the option to remove trailers set to 10 mins and the output was not readable by either BDInfo and BD Rebuilder. Unchecking that option and ripping again, the output was readable by both. So setting it to 10 mins did cut out some part of playlist from the main movie or something ? What could be the problem ?

    Update: Ripped again with option to remove trailers set to 3 mins and the ripped output was readable by both BDInfo and BD Rebuilder. So it looks like the 10 mins setting apparently did cut off something more than trailers.
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  14. DukeOfUrl

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    But this feature is really only meant for "live playback" on your HTPC. You should not be doing any preprocessing at all if you intend to use with BD-RB!
  15. dvdit

    dvdit Well-Known Member

    That is good to know. Thanks.
  16. RBBrittain

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    Which is why it's NOT a ripoff of jdobbs' work (i.e., BD-RB). BD-RB takes the time to build a proper BD disc structure without the trailers so it doesn't have to do quite as much re-encoding to reach its goal (i.e., shrinking a BD50 down to BD25); AnyDVD HD merely skips them on-the-fly while playing the actual BD.

    And even if the feature is eventually included in CloneBD (a more apt comparison), that does NOT necessarily mean it was copied from BD-RB; I'm sure there's more than one way to skin that cat. ;)
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    6890 slow scan AND retry or ignore errors

    The disc scan using v6890 seems to be taking MUCH longer than the previous version b4 scan results are shown. Is anyone else seeing this?
    I tried uninstalling then downloading again. And, I tried uninstalling the driver for my drive, then rebooting to reinstall.
    ...If there is a known spec on how long a DVD scan [not HD or BD scan] should take, it would be helpful to compare.

    Where is the option to retry or ignore read errors mentioned in the sticky? I am used to seeing retry with a read error in CloneDVD2, not in AnyDVD. There doesn't seem to be a 'setting' in AnyDVD 6890 to ignore read errors.

    same Windows 7 SP1, Norton 360 security, as when using AnyDVD6880
    AnyDVD6890, CloneDVD2930, CloneDVDmobile1800, virtual CloneDrive5450
    same Toshiba Portege R700-ST1303 laptop, as when using AnyDVD6880
    same Matshita DVD-RAM drive UJ892ES, as when using AnyDVD6880

    thanks for the info...
  18. RBBrittain

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    It's not a setting; it's a dialog box that appears when read errors occur in the AnyDVD ripper.
  19. James

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    No. What are you "scanning"? Blu-ray? DVD?
  20. elwaylite

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    Ive noticed some discs take longer than others, always been like that.