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  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Hi all,

    you can consider this version "release quality", so it is safe to use: 2008 03 13
    - New (DVD): Added support for a new type of structural protection as
    found on "Lissi und der wilde Kaiser", R2, Germany
    - New (DVD): Added support for a new type of structural protection as
    found on "30 Days of Night", R2, Germany
    - New (DVD): Added support for a new type of structural protection as
    found on "Wächter des Tages (Dnevnoy dozor)", R2, Germany
  2. waxman

    waxman Guest

    Those wacky Germans!!! :rock:
  3. turtle-soft

    turtle-soft Member

    Well - what should i say....;-)))

    I'll give it a try tomorow. But no matter what - thanks James!!!
  4. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Thanks James.
  5. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos Well-Known Member

    Thanks again!
  6. plato

    plato Well-Known Member

    Great work! Thank you very much, James! :)
  7. karlchen

    karlchen Member

    Hello James,
    "Lissi und der wilde Kaiser" works fine with this new Version.

    I used CloneDVD v2.9.1.5 in CloneDVD Mode.

    Thanks for your work!
  8. Had absolutely no problems with "Wächter des Tages", but thank you anyway!
  9. noxiousbob

    noxiousbob Member

    Just tested BOB_AND_DOUG_ANNIVERSARY with and can verify the same issue exists.
  10. Crocodile

    Crocodile New Member

    New beta works great with "Lissi uns der wilde Kaiser"
    Thanks so much :bowdown:
  11. jos633

    jos633 New Member

    downloading problems

    I am trying to download the new versions of anydvd. But i am getting download errors. all the files are not downloading. how can i fix this. Should i uninstall everything and then try to download the new files/ I also need to know how to get my serial registration number. Whear do i find it?
  12. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    What does the error message state?

    1. Delete your browser's cache

    In Firefox 2.x

    1. From the main menu, select Tools-->Clear Private Data
    2. Check "cache".
    3. Click "Clear Private Data Now".


    In Internet Explorer 7.x:

    1. Select Internet Options from the Tools pull-down menu.
    2. Click the General tab-->Go to the Browsing history section-->Click the "Delete" button
    3. The Delete Browsing History dialog box will display--->In the Temporary Internet Files section, click the "Delete files" button.
    4. You are asked, "Are you sure you want to delete all temporary Internet Explorer files?"
    5. Click the "Yes" button.

    2. Click and run that file
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