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  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member 2008 01 27
    - New: Added support for a new type of structural protection as found on
    some adult titles
    - Change: Hooking of the IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID interface caused a false
    security alert in some anti spyware tools
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Thanks James.
  3. mahoney19

    mahoney19 Active Member

    Thanks James
  4. DarkTranquility

    DarkTranquility Well-Known Member

    Hi James!

    What does "Change" exactly mean?
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    It means, that it is changed so that anti spyware tools (Zone Alarm) hopefully don't accuse AnyDVD to be a key logger any longer.
  6. DarkTranquility

    DarkTranquility Well-Known Member

    Ah! OK. Thanks for your explanation :D
  7. cheesie

    cheesie Member

    Thanks James
  8. qqqqqq

    qqqqqq Member

    I've always been curious, what Adult Titles are these?
  9. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    I believe it is adult films aka PORN?
  10. calcu007

    calcu007 Well-Known Member

    He means what are the names of those dvds.
  11. phasechange

    phasechange Member

    My local video store used to have some soft porn. They all used to have joke names like "The Blair Bitch Project". A friend of mine, let's call her "Claire" because that's her name, picked up a copy by mistake when her boyfriend asked her to get some videos for him to watch when his mates came round. He didn't notice until the guys put the video on, she was very embarrassed when the guys thanked her for the soft porn vids.
  12. qqqqqq

    qqqqqq Member

    Next time when Beta is released (Or something like that) and you find new protection on Adult DVD's, include the titles, it'll be hilarious, as 99% of Adult Title names are funny.
  13. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    Yes, some are hilarious. However, many titles contain words that are offensive and aren't allowed on this forum so I doubt it'll happen.
  14. qqqqqq

    qqqqqq Member

    That's true, but just lightly censor them, like "F@#k that B!t[h" or something like that.

    Also, does it mean that Slysoft always has loads of Adult Titles on DVD? Because everywhere when there's a New Version, they always say "New Protection on Adult Titles"
  15. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    People send them IFOs which, most of the time, is enough for them to determine the protection and find a way to support it :clap:
  16. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Yes, we see those ISOs and imagine the rest :)
    We're so easy to please....
  17. qqqqqq

    qqqqqq Member

    :DI'll look forward to Beta!~:bowdown::rock:;)
  18. brixtonman

    brixtonman Member

    Who cares, we've all seen porn. Porn is the most successful business on the internet. There is no shortage of it of you want it. Or even if you don't want it, pop ups shove it at you, emails imply your penis is too small. It's like rats in London, never more than a few feet away.
  19. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Keep off-topic porn discussions off this forum and away from this thread please. Do you want troubleshooting help with a specific title that you own? Fine. Otherwise, these forums are for supporting Slysoft software and not for having conversations about funny porn titles (nor how to get around forum rules), much less about how pervasive porn is in society. :rolleyes:


    "We also do not allow posts that are sexual in nature or violate SlySoft community standards. The SlySoft team shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards."


    By the way, I did laugh at some (o.k., a lot) of the stuff you folks posted, but this is a business support forum. Please show some respect here. Thank you
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  20. qqqqqq

    qqqqqq Member

    Webslinger is no fun!:mad: