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    - We wish you a merry christmas!
    - New (DVD): Support for new copy protection found on some adult titles
    - New (DVD): AnyDVD ripper can now handle discs, which have menu files
    bigger than 1GB (which is against the specification).
    - New (DVD): Improved performance of the AI scanner.
    - Fix (HD DVD & Blu-ray): Black screen with re-release of "Prison Break"
    - Fix (DVD): PS18 error with some discs, e.g. "The Forgotten", R1, US
    - Fix (DVD): AI Scanner accidently removed a title set from "8 Below",
    R2, Japan
    - Some minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages
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    Thanks Tom.
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    Merry xmas to everyone and, thanks for the update tom just got it. :)