AnyDVD HD Released

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  1. d.chatten

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    AnyDVD History 2007 03 21
    - New: Show ballon tip when AnyDVD is examining discs
    - New (Blu-ray): Added automatic detection and removal of region code
    - New (HD DVD): Added workaround for problem with Alcohol Software's
    "Hide Media Type" option
    - Fix: Autostart problems on Windows Vista
    - Some minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages
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  2. Charlie

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    AnyDVD Released

    AnyDVD Released

    AnyDVD History 2007 03 21
    - New: Show ballon tip when AnyDVD is examining discs
    - New (Blu-ray): Added automatic detection and removal of region code
    - New (HD DVD): Added workaround for problem with Alcohol Software's
    "Hide Media Type" option
    - Fix: Autostart problems on Windows Vista
    - Some minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages

    Download Anydvd Here
  3. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    another fine release by slysoft.. well done
  4. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Kudos for fixing the autostart problems!
  5. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member contained a nasty surprise for me. While I had installed, I could burn perfectly working Blu-rays with Roxio DVDit HD Pro. Once I installed, Roxio no longer works. It starts burning, but stops at an error immediately, complaining about a sense code. Grrrr! :mad:

    Oh yeah, and the region code removal doesn't work properly either - at least not on rips. A rip of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a Region A title, won't play on my PDVD 7.3 because of Region coding. I tried both automatic and manual RC removal, neither works. AnyDVD status window says something about an error while processing disc. My guess is that AnyDVD won't work on a rip because it can't find the AACS directory on disc - there's only BDMV directory.
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  6. rainy

    rainy Member

    AnyDVD HD, I have never had problems upgrading this program, but gives me a message during setup saying 'Error opening file for writing'.
    I have tried fresh downloads and get the same response. Anyone know what is happening?
  7. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Have you tried uninstalling first? I've read elsewhere that you should also empty the recycle bin.
  8. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I'm careful with answering this one, because James knows a lot more about the driver related issues. But since he is extremely busy right now, I'll give you what I know (or believe to know anyway): Roxios driver is badly written, circumnavigates the driver chain in a (by Windows) unsupported manner. AnyDVD tries to cope with this kind of drivers, but if you're having trouble, playing around with "safe mode" in AnyDVD's settings might help.

    Didn't you rip that one with AnyDVD? Because doing this, AnyDVD would remove the region coding completely from the rip, so no further handling of region codes would ever be neccessary (the rip should be region free).

    But it also might have another reason: there is an additional region code checking method on some BDs, which is not yet being handled by AnyDVD HD (a fix for that is in the pipeline and should be available in a few days).
  9. SuperGoof

    SuperGoof Well-Known Member

    Hi Peer,

    Could issues I described here also be caused by AnyDVD and Roxio drivers interfering in some strange ways?

    I will try to do my comparisons using the "safe mode" and see what happens.

    Actually, Roxio drivers (if you are talking about pxhelp20.sys, I also have DRVMCDB.SYS, DLACDBHM.SYS, and something else) are quite popular. Many programs install pxhelp20.sys without you even knowing it (Photoshop Elements, for example). As far as I know in Vista it is even part of the system. So it would be good if you come up with some effective solution for this problem.
  10. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Actually, I'm not sure anymore. I've been using three different solutions for testing. Dammit, I knew I should've kept some records instead of relying on the grey matter. Let's assume I didn't use AnyDVD for this one, and the result is BDMV directory only.

    I always thought RC was in the AACS directory, but this is clearly not the case. Or maybe it's there as well, and AnyDVD can't handle RC if it's in the BDMV directory?
  11. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Highly improbable. I also doubt that these differences you're seeing are worth mentioning at all. All rips we've done are in perfect condition (checked for consistentcy sectorwise), so unless you observe any problems with picture or sound - forget about it.

    1. Search google for pxhelp20.sys in combination with BSOD and similar problems. Thousands and thousands of hits.
    2. yes, quite some programs install this driver and the funny thing about it is: at least in many cases you can remove it from the registry and these programs will just keep on working fine.

    Wow, that would be alarming. Would this driver pass WHQL? I doubt that.
    Well anyway: my Vista installation has never seen this driver (I could tell blindly, 'cause everything works), so: no, it doesn't seem to be part of Vista.

    Oddly enough, Slysoft is used to putting effort into working around other software's bugs - and James in fact has gone into lots of trouble already to make AnyDVD "compatible" to this kind of driver (means: in most cases it will work despite of the presence of pxhelp20.sys).

    Well anyway: wait for James, he'll clear this up, if anyone.
  12. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No it's not

    Both methods for region checking are in the directory/subdirectory of BDMV, AnyDVD HD currently only removes one of them, the other will follow in the next version (it's already done, just not released yet).
  13. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the info, peer. Can't wait to try out the new version, whenever it's released.
  14. SuperGoof

    SuperGoof Well-Known Member

    On my system, when I select "safe mode", AnyDVD does not seem to be working at all. At least not with Blu-ray discs: AACS folder stays there, and when I try to play .m2ts file directly by PowerDVD, it crashes. Even though AnyDVD still says "AACS protection has been removed." in Status screen. Does it mean anything?
  15. SuperGoof

    SuperGoof Well-Known Member

    Actually I'm also not sure about this particular file, but there was a press release from Sonic called "Sonic Provides Burning Engine in Windows Vista" here: I do not know what exactly they mean under "Burning Engine", but it seems there is indeed something from Sonic/Roxio in Vista.
  16. fschiefer

    fschiefer New Member


    there seems to be problems with the new Buena Vista BluRay European Releases:

    - The Guardian: AnyDVD HD tells me, that the BluRay is locked to Region A, but it is actually locked to Region B. So the automatic Region settings will not work (Power DVD does not play disc (wrong region)). If I set it manually to Region B it works.

    - Gone in 60 seconds: AnyDVD tells me that the region could not be found, but it plays with PowerDVD

  17. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    The information about what region(s) a disc is locked cannot be read from the disc just like that. AnyDVD does several probability checks to find out, which region(s) a title appears to be locked to.
    So it is expected, that this algorithm fails every now and then. That's why the "manual override" is there after all... Nothing special.

    Not sure if I understand what you mean here. If the region could not be found, this could either mean, there is no region lock anyway, or it simply couldn't be determined. Same as above.
  18. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Before I forget: when the next release is out (AnyDVD HD >, please somebody check this with "The Guardian Region B". Might work better then.
    The "other" Guardian is Regions A&C and works, so no need to check that one.

  19. andrewmann123

    andrewmann123 Member

    alcohol 120% replicates and not clones.
    dvdidle pro does not work well with alcohol 120%.

    is anydvd any good? is it going to support alcohol 120% past version 1.9.6 and hd dvd and blue ray if alcohol 120% supports replicating image files mds and mdf and replicating copying?
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  20. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I fail to see what distinction you're making.

    dvdidlepro hasn't been updated since Oct. 26, 2006. Consequently, it can't handle most newer protections, and whatever bugs the program does have are likely to remain until the program is finally updated.

    Anydvd is the only program that allows you to decrypt on the fly and also works on a driver level. Consequently, Anydvd is certainly better than either DVD Region+CSS Free and dvdidlepro, which haven't been updated since Oct. 26, 2006 and are unable to handle newer protections. Anydvd HD also adds on-the-fly decryption of Blu-ray and HD-DVD, which are also features neither DVD Region+CSS Free nor dvdidlepro currently support. The same developer of those programs does make a freeware decrypter that handles those formats; however, it does not decrypt on the fly, nor does it function on a driver level.

    Alcohol 120%, according to someone who works for Alcohol 120%, won't preserve the original layer break position when using Anydvd and dvd+R DL media. This is rather odd for a program that "replicates" as you claim, because certainly clonecd does retain the original layer break position when backing up commercial dvd-video releases with Anydvd running in the background. Alcohol does require Anydvd or another program to decrypt.

    It would be foolhardy to attempt to predict compatibility with the non-existent features of a non-Slysoft program.
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