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    I've found this to happen if you have Anti-Aliasing enabled. The picture "zooms" 2x for 2x AA, and 4x for 4x AA, etc. It went away when you uninstalled and reinstalled your drivers because this setting then disappeared.

    It took me awhile to figure that out too.
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    It actually plays them backwards...(the titles out of order in the xpl file) The black screen is actually playing the black.evo. I have the French version of Total Recall by Studio Canal, and it does that same thing. I thought powerdvd had hung, but if you wait, or remove the "black.evo" info from the xpl file, it'll play fine. I found that out several weeks ago. I haven't tried playing it in Anydvd yet.
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    Something like this happened with BABEL (US), when I was testing it today. Playback started with a black screen, and PDVD info display showed the 'clip' was 1:20 in length. I pressed N to skip to next chapter, which PDVD did. The main menu appeared and I could start the movie normally.

    Disc behaved exactly the same way with AnyDVD "Play without menus (Studio Canal)" setting enabled or disabled.

    I then removed all ticks from AnyDVD HD DVD Settings, except Enable HD DVD Support, and restarted PDVD. This time playback began with 8 seconds of black, followed by the Paramount HD DVD intro (1:20 in length, actually), followed by the main menu. Looks to me like all those "Remove first play title", "Remove user prohibitions" etc. options didn't remove the 1:20 intro, but instead seemed to replace it with black screen for the same amount of time.

    Still, I have to say I'm very happy with this beta. I couldn't care less about ripping data to HDD, as I was simply looking for a way to play my HD DVDs on my non-HDCP monitors. AnyDVD HD lets me do exactly that. Wonderful!
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    Tested this on my X1950XT Avivo with Catalyst 7.1. AA setting makes no difference to the zoomed and distorted image. I also disabled hardware acceleration in PowerDVD, but that didn't change anything either. Oddly enough Catalyst Control Center 7.1 has no option for turning AA off completely.
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    Just notice that the two HD DVD backups I did with anydvd have minor stutters. Others I did using the BackupHDDVDGUI (java or C# ver's) dont have this issue. Anybody else notice this? These stutters seems to be with the anydvd process (I am guessing), since I can re-copy and the stutters appear at diff places in the movie. Never had stutters with all other backups when not using anydvd. Since this is a beta , hope its fixed before final release.
    The two that was done using anydvd are The Searchers and Mutiny on the Bounty.

    Thanks for the Beta :)
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    Didn't the initial versions of "Backup HD DVD" also have a problem with rips that stutter, but they got rid of it later somehow?
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    So is AnyDvD HD just going to be the original AnyDvD with HD...

    An if so dose this mean we are going top have to buy the new version and junk it on the free updates for life...

    I all ready paid for anydvd and found it quite useful so I don't want to buy it again...
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    Never had a probm with backupHDDVD when it worked, but I am currently using the newest vers tho.
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    This has already been convered extensively in several other threads. Yeah, AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD are going to be one program... but you aren't required to purchase the upgrade. There will be 2 registration keys, the regular one you've already purchased and an upgraded one that will unlock HD functionality. So if you don't want the HD stuff at this time, you won't need to upgrade (although it likely won't be expensive for owners of AnyDVD).
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    Works on Laptop, but not desktop

    I purchased an xbox drive today, and have had no luck making anydvd work on my desktop, which is an older p4 2.4GHz type machine. The HD-DVD mounts and you can see the title if you go to 'My Computer', however all I get is hanging in explorer if you try to open it.

    I did, one time, get into the DVD when I exited out of anydvd, and was able to see the folders in the HD-DVD disc, however that quickly ended and it became inaccessible.

    The same hd-dvd drive, drivers, and anydvd seem to work fine when connected to my dell laptop and I was able to drag and drop the hvdvd_ts folder from the hd-dvd onto my c: drive to copy it.

    I'm looking forward to a commercial-grade release of this, as I was getting concerned about buying all these HD-DVDs and then having the format go the way of betamax. Some facility for copying these HD-DVD discs onto dual-layer dvd-r will be very good.
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    That's not correct. Check out avsforum, a guy there wrote detailed instructions on how to set it up for both.
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    Thanks! Another Future Great Product! From The Sly Fox! :)
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    Yeah, I knew of that. Tried it a while ago, but it didn't work. Perhaps I should've commented that you can't install both versions... without some tweaking :)
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    to install the HD dvd version:

    what you have to do is un-install the software and rename the pdvdbd folder to anything you like then remane the hddvd folder to pdvdbd , now you are ready to install the HD-DVD Version without having the HD-DVD drive installed on your PC

    if its been covered sorry for the dupe post , if not this does work :)
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