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  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    It is available here:

    zip password is "takeyourtime" (without the quotes).

    You have to reboot after the installation.

    This version fixes a bug which prevents OpenSeason R2 (UK & Netherlands) to rip correctly. As always, there are many other small fixes and improvements.
    Additionally, it supports decrypting and "on the fly remastering" of HD DVD discs: 2007 02 12
    - New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection
    to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
    - New: Added HD DVD and AACS support.
    (Registered users need an upgrade key, currently only available to
    registered beta testers)
    - Fix: Problem with multi-angle titles and Sony Arccos protection
    - Some minor fixes and improvements

    If you want to test HD DVD decryption but you have bought AnyDVD (not running in demo mode) you have to remove your AnyDVD license key (easiest way to do so is to rename the registry key
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlysSoft\AnyDVD\Key to something else using regedit).

    If you don't have a HD DVD drive you don't need to bother, of course.
  2. simple

    simple Active Member

    nobody replyed :confused:

    well thanks , cant wait:bowdown:
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Hi simple most of the replies are in thye anydvd section thread title thae same as this one.
  4. simple

    simple Active Member

    i meant for putting the beta , public :D :agree:
  5. europeman

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  6. stefan9113

    stefan9113 New Member

    I have a Sony Laptop with BlueRay inside and a HDDVD from Xbox360, the beta runs perfect, I try Troja, it works fine on Laptop LCD and on HDMI output to LCD Beamer. :D

    by Stefan
  7. hanschke

    hanschke Well-Known Member

    will there be further anydvd applications or dies the hd version replase the normal one?
  8. simple

    simple Active Member

    i will be using a lcd projector:D
  9. zebadee

    zebadee Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
  10. Jabbadabba

    Jabbadabba New Member

    Hi James,
    Thanks for putting this into public beta.
    I do have some issues though. Menu (of the DVD that I try to play) isn't working as it should both on pdvd 6.5 and windvd 8 ultimate. Where can I put a more detailed description?
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Oh dear. What plenty of information your provide. What HD DVD title could this possibly be? Does the title play without problems without AnyDVD HD enabled? (I doubt it).
    Both PowerDVD 6.5 and WindDVD 8 HD are broken and have severe playback problems.
  12. Jabbadabba

    Jabbadabba New Member

    Ah, thanks for the extra info. Wasn't able to find that on this forum or in the info that came with this program.
  13. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    HD DVD: Lucky # Slevin (US)
    Player app: PowerDVD 7.1 HD
    Hardware acceleration enabled (ATI Avivo)
    Display card: ATI Radeon X1950
    Display Driver Date: 16.12.2006
    Display Driver Version:
    Display: Dell 3007WFP (via Dual-link DVI for 2560x1600 desktop res)

    PowerDVD configuration -
    HD DVD Display Mode Preference: HD
    User Interface: Use HD DVD hotkeys and Enable mouse in HD DVD both checked
    Accessibility Preferences: none checked

    AnyDVD configuration -
    Video HD DVD Settings: all boxes checked except "Remove all menus from HD DVD"

    Issue details:
    PDVD shows a partial, very zoomed-in image. In the main menu all I can see is the zoomed-in background with a very large "PLAY" text on top. I can select PLAY and the movie starts, but again, it's hugely zoomed-in and I can only see a very small portion of the entire image. It makes no difference if PDVD is in full screen or windowed mode. Tested Grand Prix HD DVD briefly, with the exact same results. Removed all ticks from AnyDVD Video HD DVD Settings: no change.

    Display card does not support HDCP over Dual-link DVI, so PDVD refuses to play HD DVDs at all without AnyDVD. It's quite likely the issue is not related to AnyDVD, but is either a bug with PDVD, display drivers or related to Dual-link DVI. Still, thought you might find this useful somehow :)

    Moved the HD DVD drive to another PC (nVidia 7950GT w/ latest drivers, Dell non-HDCP 24" TFT), installed PDVD 7.1 followed by AnyDVD HD beta - and it works perfectly. I'm viewing Grand Prix right now!
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  14. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Hi Colinhunt,

    I had the exact same issue here on a test-setup some weeks ago with an NVidia 7950 GX2.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling the video-drivers solved the problem - although I'm sure, it's actually a bug in PDVD.
  15. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Most likely. Anyhoo, I'll test juggling the drivers once I have a moment.
  16. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Le Pianiste (UK) broke something

    After a couple of successfull trials with other HD DVDs, I decided to test The Pianist (UK release) to see how PDVD decodes DTS-HD MA.

    Everything worked just fine at first. Language selection screen, main menu, and movie started playing without problems. Then I thought about visiting the menu to change audio track to French DTS-HD. Pressed "J" on the keyboard for menu, and playback went all choppy and jerky. Menu bar appeared on top of the movie, eventually. There's no Setup in the menu, so I selected BONUS, where I found "Audio configuration". Selected it, and PDVD started glitching big time.

    Audio config screen contains an image of a speaker setup and some informational text. The viewer is supposed to check that the white noise is coming from the speaker indicated by the graphic on-screen. The noise played in short, weird bursts, and navigating the screen was glitchy at best.

    I somehow managed to exit the audio config screen and return to main menu. Selected PLAY again, and got a black screen. Pressed "N" on the keyboard to skip a chapter, and according to timecode that worked, but got no image. After a while (like 10 seconds) a freeze frame appeared and PDVD froze up. Had to use Task Manager to kill PDVD.

    Rebooted the PC (WinXP Pro SP2 updated, C2D E6400, 2GB, nVidia 7950GT) and tried again. This time PDVD appears to do something, HD DVD drive spins, but there's no image or sound. At all. No matter what I did, I couldn't get The Pianist to work. Tried a couple of reboots, but to no avail.

    Will try a cold boot and a different HD DVD next.

    Update: did a cold boot and tried with Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (US). It works fine, no problems at all. Ejected it and tried The Pianist again. PDVD starts playing the disc, but there's no image or audio. Ejected The Pianist and put in Charlie and The Choccy Factory again: works fine.
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  17. Killga

    Killga Member

    What software player (version etc.) is supposed to work for HD-DVD playback on a PC?!
  18. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    PowerDVD 7.2 Ultra Deluxe comes with both Blu-ray (v7.2) and HD DVD (v7.1) versions. You can't install both in the same PC, however.
  19. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    PowerDVD has a bug, it doesn't play Studio Canal titles. Select "No menus - Studio Canal" in AnyDVD. Select the main title manually. (Goto->Chapter)
  20. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip! However, Pianist played quite fine once, before I started meddling :)