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ANYDVD exception error on startup


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Nov 4, 2023
Just built a new computer with Windows 11 pro and loaded anydvd
Doesnt happen on my other computers but when ANYDVD launches I get an "exception error"


  • AnyDVD_8.6.8.3_dump.zip
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Did you try to uninstall and then re-install?

P.S.: Only James can check your dump file and guess what might be the reason.
I am sorry, but I have no idea what might be causing this. Ususal suspects are anti virus, anti malware, anti something tools poking around.
You should post a log file when AnyDVD runs successfully. In the log there could be hints for software that might cause this.
i removed asus armoury crate and it seems to be ok now
asus armoury crate it can make a nice mess and at the same time it is such a promising looking software, but unfortunately the engineers from asus and not only from asus but also MSI etc. make these software full of errors and collisions and instead of doing good they do more harm :(
I wouldn't place too much faith in the ASUS people who make their software. I e-mailed their tech support about their BW-16D1HT BD burner. I wanted to know if there was a firmware 3.11 that was shipping from their factories because 3.10 was the last firmware package released for updating existing burners. They said 3.10 was the last firmware... but, of course, there IS 3.11 on units shipping from the factory! It seems ASUS never released an update package because they wanted to keep it in house. So it could remain encrypted and not altered to remove various things.