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    I am putting a new machine together and installed AnyDVD but it does not remove the protection on DVDs. I see the same problem on any DVD I try and everything is working fine on my old computer. Here's what is happening:

    1. I insert a DVD and AnyDVD appears to read it as usual. See attached screenshot.

    2. Handbrake reads the DVD but can't find any titles on the DVD. I get the same error message when I try it without AnyDVD running at all.

    Anyone have an idea why AnyDVD appears to recognize the disc and remove the protection but other programs aren't able to take advantage of it?

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  3. bobwhitley3

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    Thanks for the response, Chevron. I agree, it's certainly not an AnyDVD problem. It's a problem with the way I'm using AnyDVD.

    I know that there are many people with a lot of experience using the software here and was hoping that someone would recognize a problem that commonly occurs when setting up AnyDVD on a new computer.
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    I would make sure all AnyDVD settings are at Default settings. Try ripping a disc to your hard drive using AnyDVD. If it works (which it should), try using the rip as Handbrake's source.