AnyDVD does not like me! Not at all!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by kittyprincess66, Jan 28, 2007.

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    OH! I sure hope you're right!

    This sounds so similar to my issue. But I must admit I do not understand the formatted with your drives part. Complete shutdown upon encode I understand completely. :agree: I got no error messages from win coming back up either. Just shutdown and regular startup when I turn back on. AND it has done this before, usually the next update fixes it but not for awhile now. I am still waiting to hear back from tech support after sending them screen shots on the 19th of this month.

  2. kittyprincess66

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    Firewall, AV, & VSO Inspector, Etc.

    Hi Everyone!

    A. Firewall is AVG and so is AV. Has never bounced AnyDVD or Shrink or anything before:confused:

    B. EndItAll! At first I thought this was a gentle suggestion to it sounds good and I will try it.

    C. Downloaded VSO Inspector because of TPLAT's comment on the useless thread. I get errors code 00 00 00 no sense information, but it is not done yet. I have NO idea what it means yet.

    THANK YOU! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    WinXP will work on only 128mb but...

    You will not enjoy your computer. It will run slow and could easily crash when you try to run more than one program. WinXP itself likes to use more than 128mb. 512mb is what most use for a minimum WinXP system. 1 Gig is preferred by those wanting an efficient WinXP system, a system that will perform faster and with fewer system issues.

    I did recommend that the orginal poster here first find out what program or driver is conflicting with AnyDVD. The cost of upgrading from 512mb to 1 Gig is about $150, as all the RAM in a laptop will have to be replaced. The old 512mb RAM could be offered on eBay for someone with even less RAM in a laptop.

    And 1 Gig for Vista is correct. But if one wants good performance, 2 Gigs are better. My system has 4 Gigs - I'm ready for Vista!
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    I have 1GB of DDR2 and my XP has never froze to date where I had to hold the power button down. But I don't run over 5 apps at once.
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    Figgured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, done deal.

    Pointers for all you out there!!!!!!!

    AnyDVD updated it's update today is working with Shrink and RipIt4me.

    DVDFAB HAS CONFLICTS with AnyDVD! As does any dvdidle product. I did not know this and was about to install again! But I must say AnyDVD still crashed everything without dvdfabstuff.

    Moral to the story...

    If your AnyDVD latest update fails you in Shrink. (Or other encoders)

    A. *******VERY IMPORTANT********Save your registry key to a safe place. anydvdkey is the file. Do a search for it.

    B. Uninstall AnyDVD and the registry information.

    C. Uninstall Shrink.

    D. Run Reg Cleaner.

    E. Reinstall Shrink

    Now Ripit4me should work.

    F. Wait for the next AnyDVD update and try again.

    They are consistent updaters and that is why the program works for so many of us.

    I can now be a SlySoft evangelist least for AnyDVD. My trial of Clone and Clone Mobile never did work with the versions I had.:doh:

    Thanks everyone for your help I sure learned a whole lot and btw, although I have never had an issue with memory crashing my computer I will still look into more memory. Can't hurt.

    Thanks again.
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    Good to hear that you got it figured out.
    If your other burning programs have a built in decryptor then they can conflict with AnyDvd especialy if they run in the background, also when it comes to decryptors I would only have one installed at a time on the same pc. As for VSO Inspector I use that to scan a disc if I`m having trouble backing it up, if it detect any errors then you may not be able to back that disc up.