AnyDVD does not like me! Not at all!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by kittyprincess66, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. kittyprincess66

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    I have had to uninstall this program and clean out my registry. My computer keeps crashing with it on there. :( I am unable to use this program with any other's (this sometimes depended on which update was out) I tried CloneDVD2 with it but it kept crashing too. I never did get Clone to work within the trial period, it just kept crashing my computer.

    I also sent information to support, but Saw3 came out and I think I was forgotten.

    I purchased AnyDVD and for awhile I believed it was THE BEST money I ever spent. I was going to purchase Clone to have they dynamic duo that I have heard so many good things about, but I never had it work!

    Now AnyDVD has updated and my Clone trial is expired...I just don't know what to do with this software anymore. I have saved my key file to disk in case someone has some answers...I sure hope so...

    I am running a laptop, on a cooling pad, no power issues that I know of. Just did reformat a few days ago, always at least 32G free. And...I keep up with the defrag and clean and use a registry/app cleaner...

    Thank you in advance for any insight you may have.
  2. DetroitBaseball

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    Maybe you should try AnyDVD in Safemode?
  3. mind sci

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    for Kitty P

    Make sure you are not using DVD43 or any DVD idle stuff. Make sure your region code is set to region1 for your DVD Multi on your Laptop! My Acer Laptop was not region code set to Region 1 & I had the same problem. Try another DVD copier like 1click; MAKE SURE YOUR LOGGED IN AS ADMIISTRATOR!!! and REinstall ANY DVD. Don't have administrator password... Email me & I'll tell you how to crack it & reset it.Lee
  4. kittyprincess66

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    Updated information...Sorry!

    I am so sorry...duh...I should have let you know that.

    A. Have run it in regular background mode & rip mode
    B. Have run it set to safe mode in background.
    C. Have run it as ripper in safe mode
    D. Have kept the updates current

    It has worked sometimes but mostly not. Perhaps 6 of 10 times it crashes my computer so I uninstalled it. BUT...I miss it...I just want it to work like it used to before November of 06.
  5. strachan

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    What was the last version that worked for you? I have had problems with all the betas after and problems with the final. worked good for me on all the dvd's I used it on.
  6. kittyprincess66

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    Region Codes

    OK, Color me stupid here but I have no idea how to check the region code. I purchased it in the states so I assume it is 1. I have not changed anything.

    Also, I am not using DVD43 but I think????? DVDFabDecrypter is dvdidle? Could this be the thing messing up the whole works? The last thing slysoft did was ask me for screen shots of installed programs, but that was over two weeks ago and I have yet to hear back. But in fairness, saw3 came out...

    It would be nice if this was a compatibility issue. Those are solveable.

    Also I have Nero Image drive but it is disabled. I don't even know what it does, but should it be on???????


    These are the installed burning softwares on my computer.
  7. Ajax

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    Ok well I can tell you the short and simple answer... Your registry is either messed up or you have a piece of hardware like ram video card or sound card with a conflicting driver...

    No! Registry fix programs wont work on an in-stable registry. You need to back up your data then reinstall your OS.. if this doesn't work then its a hardware conflict...
  8. kittyprincess66

    kittyprincess66 Active Member

    Old Beta Versions?

    Seems like worked for me too. Do you know where I can re-download the old betas? I would give that a try.

  9. kittyprincess66

    kittyprincess66 Active Member

    OS info

    I have re-installed the OS...AND...after that did nothing I re-formatted the computer as well. Still poopy. So is there a list somewhere of conflicting hardware? I would love to check into that.

    Thank you!
  10. TPLAT

    TPLAT Well-Known Member

    Do you have any other burning software installed like Roxio, Nero or Sonic Record Now. As for a decryptor I would only have AnyDvd installed.
  11. mind sci

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    Set Region Code:

    Open my computer & right click on your DVD drive... select properties... choose region code if it is set to region2 Any DVD won't work... change to Region1, you'll get all sorts of nasty warnings but ignore them. Also Registry fixers & cleaners screwup your reg! if you have Xp disc; Reinstall Xp and choose UPGRADE option; It will save all your EXE's & settings. When sreen says "installing devices": hit "shift+F10" enter: NUSRMGR.cpl in black screen. A screen opens; Close that and now enter: control userpasswords2 in balck window... A window will open, select set administrator password & set admin Password to whatever you want... If you always want to have full control of your system logon as administrator. If you have XP home you can only logon AS ADMINISTRATOR in Safe Mode... XP Pro is best
  12. strachan

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  13. mustang

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    May be OTHER reasons AnyDVD doesn't work

    You might have another program on your computer that conflicts with AnyDVD.

    The fact that almost no matter what you do you cannot get it to work suggests this. Something running in the background, perhaps. Your firewall isn't blocking it is it? That would be a simple solution which I imagine you would have thought about.

    Do you use or try shareware software a lot? Most commericial stuff is written well enough not to interfer with other applications, but that is NOT true of shareware.

    Personally, I've only had trouble with one update to AnyDVD and that update was corrected quickly by SlySoft after many complaints. I don't let AnyDVD run in the backgroud all the time. I start it up only when I need to use it, then I startup 1Click DVD Copy Pro, my burning software to do the rest. Never have any problems.

    If you have another computer, you should try AnyDVD on it. I'm fairly certain that another piece of software on your computer is causing problems for which you have yet to realize.

    Also, how much RAM is in your laptop? WinXP works best with 1 Gig of RAM, though it will work with 512mb. It can crash when memory intentive programs are used. My wifes laptop would crash after playing Age of Mytholoy for a while until we upgraded the RAM to 1 Gig. Her laptop didn't have hyperthreading and the part of the installed RAM was shared with the video card. So, upgrading the RAM helps her laptop run better overall.

    Still, RAM is expensive to replace in a laptop so look for the software problem I spoke about above. Something is interferring with AnyDVD. :)
  14. kittyprincess66

    kittyprincess66 Active Member

    Thanks Everyone!

    I have a few things to try here so I am off to do it...

    I will keep you posted.

    A. The DVDRegion was 1
    B. I am investigating buying more RAM! I had no idea XP burned so much of it.
    C. Going to try the last beta that worked for me again.
    D. I have reformatted and the problem still exists. (only if I have AnyDVD installed) about a week ago. I am not having issues with other similar programs when it is not installed.
    E. I don't think the firewall is blocking it. I will double check to be sure
    F. When I re-install I will uninstall all other transcoders/encoders first.

    Thank you so much for all your rapid help. I will give these things a try.
  15. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    How much RAM do you have?
  16. roryman

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    computer crashing

    Your computer might be crashing because it is not formatted with your drives. Mine did that on a couple of updates and once I would go to encode the movie my computer would shut down. I contacted Slysoft and they sent me an update each time that worked.
  17. kittyprincess66

    kittyprincess66 Active Member

    You people are great!

    I have only 512mb. This has never been an issue before. But if XP takes 1g I could be in trouble here.

    I am just confused because sometimes it works. But mostly not. I am also going to try the new beta :clap: . It seems like whenever there is an issue I am one of the "rare" ones it will effect.

    I have not given up yet!

    But...all of this leads me to believe there IS a conflict somewhere. I can only hope that now that Saw3 stuff has settled down I will be getting a response from Slysoft:confused: .
  18. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    XP is supposed to work on 128MB of RAM. 512 is sufficient. Vista requires 1GB for Aero.
  19. TPLAT

    TPLAT Well-Known Member

    512mb should be enough but I wouldnt be runing to many other programs in the background like a virus scan program, firewall and or internet security program. Have you thought about trying a program called EndItAll? Personaly I wouldnt have less then 1gb of memory installed.
  20. mind sci

    mind sci Member

    My desktop runs PIII w/ 512MB Ram & 150+ programs & ANY DVD works fine... It's most likely a program conflict... whats your AV & Firewall?