AnyDVD directory install bug needs a fix

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    First I was told how to behave by police man because I let out some opinion not considered appropriate by the cop. Many apologies for not knowing your sensitivity level.

    Now for the details:

    When I loaded AnyDVD I did not use the c:\program files\slysoft\anydvd default directory for the install. I shortened it to c:\program files\anydvd .

    I dislike software writers that create a directory for all their products by default before considering their customers desire to control their own machines. So everything was fine and I thought that since I was given the choice everything would work. It did.

    Then I upgraded to the current version and had a hell of a time. I contacted and was directed to the forum for technical support.

    ..... I'll come back here after giving the solution.

    I decided to use the default c:\program files\slysoft\anydvd directory on a last attempt to reinstall. This was after un-installing AND selecting the option to un-install the license key. When the application saw the license key left in the old directory it had reinstalled into the original c:\program files\anydvd directory automatically and DID NOT WORK.

    I thought that since it saw the key file it was written to go from there.

    I reinstalled after deleting the c:\program files\anydvd directory to c:\program files\slysoft\anydvd directory and everything was OK.

    So before writing this I did a whole 2 hour rerun and can now say this application has a bit of code that only recognizes the suggested directory location. I repeated the problem and solution.

    Now back to where I was.

    For the cop to refuse help because I was not nice referring to some software that is not up to the money as crap .... after I was sent to the forum as Slysoft's technical support area, is a way to exhibit his/her total control needs.

    I spent allot of time proving this to happen and I feel that this is worth a least my opinion. Keep in mind that if you paid the authors of good books the same for their work as some software folks get you would be paying $5,000 for your average novel instead of $6.95 at the book stand and it is even printed and bound.

    So I am a customer and I have the right to get a bit irritated if software is not operating the way it is marketed. Now you can kick me off this technical support area I was sent to or you can take into consideration that your customers have not been given all they really should to deal with the product you live with.

    But to deny help because you do not like my attitude after spending a lot of time with a bug.... that is over the legal limit for online control.

    I'll take your criticism and you take mine and we will move on. Please correct the directory thing. I have seen this with other applications and that is why I am up on this. I am too old to care about warnings and this control stuff I've seen for years.
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    AnyDVD doesn't store the license key in the install directory. You can install AnyDVD wherever you want. If you install a new version over an old one, you must install it in the same directory where it was previously installed. The installer will issue a warning if you try.
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    You're testing my patience. This is what you wrote:

    James does test what he writes. Just because the program doesn't work for you, doesn't mean it also doesn't work for thousands of other users.

    If you're asking for help on Slysoft's forums, maybe you shouldn't refer to to Slysoft's devs as "idiots".

    This is your second warning. If you want to post insults, do it elsewhere. If you can't be polite, this isn't a forum for you. :policeman: Three strikes and you're out.

    1. It operates fine as marketed.
    2. You have a right to be irritated. You don't have the right to start attacking Slysoft's developers, mods, or anyone else here.

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