AnyDVD Crash, VIDEO_RM directory?


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In a last ditch effort to archive a few remaining VHS tapes I purchased a VHS -> DVD recorder.
It produced DVDs that play fine in a hardware player but if I insert the newly recorded and finalized DVD into my PC, AnyDVD crashes. The PC then does not recognize the DVD (appears blank?).
If I restart AnyDVD it crashes again.
If I reboot, exit out of AnyDVD the newly recorded DVD is recognized by the PC just fine.
If I restart AnyDVD it crashes, the DVD is no longer recognized and I need to reboot to keep AnyDVD from crashing when I manually restart it. I must also remember to disable (exit out of) AnyDVD before I insert the DVD.
Trying to run it through Clone DVD produces a error about an Invalid Start Block or structure error try copying files to your HD.
In looking at the file structure with Windows I see a VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS and no AUDIO_TS.
Is this a known problem and is there a workwround?
It's a Panasonic DMRES40V VHS Player DVD Recorder/Player.
I just want to be able to play the DVD on the PC but when AnyDVD crashes I can't play it without first rebooting the PC and then remembering to Exit AnyDVD before I insert the DVD.

Maybe the recording industry should jump on this one. It's a decent (albeit inadvertent)
way to screw up AnyDVD. :)

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