Anydvd, CloneDVD and DVDVR


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Jan 31, 2007
excused, but stò translate with babelfish ^ _ ^.

Why not inserted the support of the dvdvr in anydvd and clonedvd? :bowdown:

- anydvd it could straighten the dvdvr as it already straightens the dvd-video, moreover some present anomalies in the dvdvr are much similar to the protections inserted in the dvd-video.

- clonedvd it comes used is in order to compress the video that in order to extract of pieces. It could make this same one works also with the dvdvr.

The video recorder is being diffused, possible that they do not interest to you like purchasers?
sorry babelfish traslation :bowdown:

When it comes inserted a protection in a dvd, this of usual is made in order to create of the problems to the programs that take like reference the structure standard of the dvd-video.
Anydvd of usual corrects these "inserted errors on purpose", in such way that the dvd-video turns out usable is for the copy of backup, is in order to create of the DivX, is for the extraction of a piece.

With the spread of the dvd recorder a similar problem is risen. The used format, of usual, is the dvdvr, but:
- the format dvdvr is composed from many varying, equal at least to the number of the producers
- the implementazione contains sovente of the errors.
- also when (very rarely) very it is made, the compatibility with the programs type clonedvd is partial.

Of fact these elements act in way equivalent to a protection, hindering use it of the own ones dvd on the computer.
The idea was that one to make to take part in these cases anydvd: as it corrects the inserted structural defects from the protections of the dvd trades them, therefore it can correct the made present defects in the dvd from the dvd recorder.
I'm having a lot of problems understanding your translation, unfortunately.

If you want to copy a dvd-r made from a standalone dvd-r recorder and Clonedvd isn't working for you, then I would try Clonecd instead.