AnyDVD can't rip the disc correctly.

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  1. chenzhuo

    chenzhuo Active Member

    The real size of disc is 40.2 GB, but I just created 193MB documents after ripping. I couldn't rip the disc correctly. Please help.

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  2. supersonik

    supersonik Active Member

    is the disc damaged or are many scratches on it ?
  3. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator

    There is no AACS encryption on this disc. Therefore I guess it is a bad copy since there are also read errors on this disc which results in the end that your copy fails.
    You can try to clean it and try again but if it is a bad burn you are out of luck. DDRescue and DVDisaster may still read it in but it will take a hell lot of time.
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  4. chenzhuo

    chenzhuo Active Member

    No, I can play the disc successfully.
  5. chenzhuo

    chenzhuo Active Member

    But AnyDVD didn't show any error information to me. It shows "rip complete" in the end.
  6. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    Looks like AnyDVD found a lot of read errors to me. Is this an original disc or a copy? AnyDVD shows it to be a BD-R.
  7. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    It's a BD-R with Blulock protection, it appears (not a copy, they're sold that way).
    The correct playlist, I would assume, is playlist #0 with a whopping 3h 46min duration (unless there's something new and crazy going on).
    The read errors don't seem to be protection related. They should also affect playback at around 3:42:35
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  8. chenzhuo

    chenzhuo Active Member

    Do you mean that the disc is damaged and the damage at around 3:42:35?
  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    No he means blu-lock. A certain time based mechanism that discs can't be decrypted until a certain date. That duration is just the estimated proper playlist.

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  10. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    It looks like it.
    No, that would be BD+ Streetlock.
    This has nothing to do with time.
  11. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    My bad then, than what's blu-lock?

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  12. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    A copy protection, that only works on BD-R. Amazon uses it for Disc-On-Demand (low volume discs).
    Has a messy playlist layout (worse than Screen Pass), is simpler, though (less complicated, more complex).
    Also uses screwed-up clpi files and self-overlapping stream files.
    And has deliberate read errors in bogus clips. Which is why I had to look very closely at this one, but the remaining read errors that AnyDVD ran into, clearly seem to be in the playable area of the main movie.
    These BD-R discs are a little more likely to have real read errors than BDROM.
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