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AnyDVD Bug reports be specific...


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Jan 28, 2007
AnyDVD Bug reports...

If you are having a problem its a good thing to have good crash analysis...

This is a how to do it properly sheet...

1: System type (ie Dell HP E-Machines ext...) if applicable not necessity

2: Processor type (ie AMD INTEL: speed, model.)

3: Ram Specs (ie brand speed)

4: Mother board Specs (ie brand chip-set)

5: Video card (ie ATI Nvidia Brand & specs)

6: Software you were using with slysoft software and try to remember specifics... (ie Nero dvd decrypter adobe premiere and all settings used to help pin point the problem)

7: Versions of software is very important so always include these numbers... We don't want the software publishers scratching there heads. Because your using and old version of software that has long since been patched for your specific problem...

(You can usually find the version of software you have. By going to the about button in the help menu, or by right clicking on the icon in the system tray...)

8 Always thank the people who help you its the right thing to do...:cool:

I hope this is clear to all who wish to post problems they have had...
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