AnyDVD automation?

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  1. jimmypopali69

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    Is there anyway to automate anydvd disc ripping? I am making a tool that gives us (my g/f) a 1 click way to backup a bluray to a ps3 compatible m2ts.

    it will:
    1.) pass anydvd the directory to rip to
    2.) wait for the rip to finish
    3.) eac3to the disc to find the main movie
    4.) tsmuxer -info to find audio tracks
    5.) if dts(ma) is the only track it will demux convert to ac3, and continue
    6.) mux primary audio and video
    7.) delete source files(if selected)
    8.) DONE!

    I have just about everything I need, just need to automate anydvd.
    Will require .net 2.0 framework

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    Jimmy read your pm's

    Also a took like that would be badass, good luck!
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  3. Kstr79

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    Any way to do this

    Guys, I am trying to do this except with HandBrake to AppleTV2 any updates or clever way to make AnyDVD(HD) do this?
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    What was in the pm's ?!?