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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Zoloft, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Zoloft

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    I was asking some people how to remove the regional coding from my DVD drive, and two people suggested AnyDVD. I was under the impression that AnyDVD is a RIPPER, and will remove the regional coding from the resulting files. But, will AnyDVD also serve as a player, allowing me to play DVDs directly from the non-native region discs, bypassing the Regional coding? If it will do this, it's certainly worth me buying!


    Russell Zoloft
  2. DetroitBaseball

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    AnyDVD will not play movies and never will. It will let you play non-native region discs though, in any software player you choose. Also you don't have to rip the files to remove it. Simply have AnyDVD running, insert a movie, and everything is taken care of.
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    AnyDVD is an on-the-fly decrypter. While it can rip a DVD/HD-DVD/BD-DVD via the built in AnyDVD ripper this is not the primary purpose of the software.

    With AnyDVD you can use whatever DVD player software you want to view the DVD since the region coding has been dealt with.
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    Anydvd works at the driver level to decrypt discs on the fly for a large number of programs--so quite often ripping first isn't necessary. Anydvd also removes region protection and makes discs region free on the fly (without having to rip first).


    "AnyDVD works in the background to automatically remove the copy protection of a DVD movie as soon as it's inserted into the drive, allowing you then to backup the movie using a DVD backup tool such as CloneDVD and CloneDVD mobile. You can also remove the RPC region code, thereby making the movie region free and viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software"

    That doesn't require you to rip first. You just put the original disc in your drive with Anydvd running in the background.

    Honestly, if you have an Home Theatre PC, Anydvd is an incredible tool. For HTPCs, no other decrypter touches Anydvd (actually in terms of versatility, nothing does anyway).

    Why not try the 21 day free trial of Anydvd? The latest version is And you can find it here: click
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    Wow! Fantastic! thanks for the ultra quick responses! Sounds exactly like what I want! Two follow up questions, first, to make sure it works for my drives, before purchasing, will this function work with the demo version? Also, will this bypass the prompt to change the regional coding on the drive itself? I don't want to lock the drive at region 3 or something horrible like that!

    thanks again!

  6. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Install the demo and check things out. If you like what you see you can purchase the software. :)
  7. Bunnyrip2

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    AnyDVD Rules!

    AnyDVD has a 21 day trial version, however, it IS the same as the paid version, only it only lasts for 21 days. Plenty of time to try it out!:agree: I did 4-5 years ago and bought AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD. I LOVE them all! Could not do without them!
  8. James

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    Despite common belief AnyDVD was never designed to be a ripper. It is a real time decrypter / region / UOP remover, subtitle transparency tool, drive speed adjuster / navigation improver / ... while playing, watching, copying, .... the inserted media.
  9. Zoloft

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    coincidentally, I got a region 2 dvd in the mail today, so I'm about ready to try it out! you've got yourself a new customer!

    Thanks everyone for all your input!