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  1. diverjones

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    Well, I really do not see any clear answers to these questions, so I will post. Does AnyDVD-HD replace AnyDVD in every way in addition to adding HD support? If so, will there be a time where AnyDVD will no longer be supported, updated and will it be discontinued? I mean, why have two separate products if both do the same basic functions i.e. dycrypt basic DVDs. How long will AnyDVD continue to be updated? Will the upgrade to AnyDVD-HD continue to exist to the same point in time when AnyDVD ceases to exist?

  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Yes, they are exactly the same program, in fact.

    No (unless Slysoft ever goes under, and it hasn't so far, so . . .)

    They are exactly the same program. Your license key determines what features are available to you.
  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Please look at our homepage. Two products: AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD. Sold separately. Bot supported. Nothing will be replaced by anything.

    This isn't sooo difficult to understand, is it?

    The only magic - for reasons of simplicity, they are the same download file. Just like PowerDVD, PowerDVD Gold, PowerDVD premium ... whatever.
    Just like Vista Home, Home Premium, Ultimate... all the same installation DVD. The key you use makes the difference.
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  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    To be precise - they are *two* different products which happen to share the same distribution binary.
  5. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Ok, OK :eek:

    But I think my description is less confusing. ;)

    I'll use your description from now on instead.
  6. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    I agree. By calling them two separate products it's only going to confuse people more. I think my post on CDF explains it pretty well, but, James, if you're not happy with how I explained it there feel free to correct me.
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    You may be right. :eek:
  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I'm just a dumb mod. :D
  9. Trace65

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    My free trial on AnyDVD is up in a few days, I was just wondering if I could get another free trial on the AnyDVD-HD? God... that sounds greedy doesn't it.:agree:
  10. RedFox

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    I apologize for posting my questions here, as well as in the 6123 thread, but part of the confusion which is not addressed in the "history" of the update is making it clear if this update will disable the AnyDVD function if someone like me with only a DVD-RW drive purchases the $30 upgrade. I'm pretty sure you guys wouldn't do that, but it should be addressed.

    Also, I would recommend that you make it clear in the 6132 Download History link that existing AnyDVD users will need to purchase a $30 upgrade to enable the DVD-HD capability...especially since this sort of flies in the face of "lifetime upgrades."

    I understand this is a whole new product, so I don't have a problem with the $30, but I think you have enough good will built up with all of us, that you don't need to shy away from the essential information stated up front. I actually needed to check on to try and figure out what was going on, as I didn't even know you had a forum here. I think it is slightly cheesy that you list the Valentine coupon code on the front page, but then don't honor it for this upgrade......I mean...come on....think of the good will giving a $5 spot for us early bird upgraders who don't even have a HD drive yet! :)

    Having used all of your programs for years, I have been in the habit of just getting the update, and checking the history to see what's I think making the situation a lot more clear in that History link will save you a lot of grief.

    PS) I love SlySoft
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  11. flyrfan111

    flyrfan111 Member

    If you only have a DVD-RW then there is no need to buy AnyDVD HD. You would not be able to use the new functionality. You need an HD burner for that.
  12. simple

    simple Active Member

    a lot of time and effort as been put into this, a upgrade fee is not much to ask , support the program so the authors can support you you know it will be worth that bit extra .

    for me i will be paying $79 as i dont own anydvd as soon as paypal is running :agree:

    the price isnt an issue here the support of the program is , how often does anydvd update , how many movies cant you back up with the standard version:disagree:

    i will happily pay the cash knowing the history behind SLYSOFT INC
  13. Paddy2007

    Paddy2007 Member

    Just bought the update. Don't even own a HD DVD yet. Am I Stupid ?

    Don't think so. Bought my AnyDVD license in 2003 and it has served me very well so I thought that $30 in upgrade fee equals 8 dollars per year. And i payed it as an upgrade fee. When i do get a HD DVD ( and believe me i will as soon as their are any decent internal ones available ) I can just continue using the same tools as always.

    Now I am just waiting for the GameJackal announcement 8)
  14. broganshome

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    I do have to say that as it is less than a month since I purchased the full Slysoft package, I am disappointed that I have to pay another $30 for a new keycode. I have installed the upgrade and it does seem to have a few useful improvements, but I can't even get a free 14day trial of this new DVD-HD.
  15. flyrfan111

    flyrfan111 Member

    Delete your license key info from the registry, that should give you 21 days of trial I think. Be sure to save your key file in case you opt not to buy the HD version. Then just reinstall the key.
  16. flyrfan111

    flyrfan111 Member

    I wasn't suggesting anyone should RIPOFF Slysoft, I was saying; Why pay for functions/ablilties you don't need? I happily paid for my version and fully support Slysoft also, if I didn't chances are I wouldn't be here trying to help others while I learn more about the software. I don't see Slysoft going broke and going out of business if I don't buy services from them that I didn't need in the first place.
  17. Lin731

    Lin731 Member

    I Do Tend To Agree With RedFox On A Couple Points

    When I logged online, I got the upgrade notice from Slysoft but when I went to the History, there's nothing there that explains you have to pay for the upgrade, a simple change in wording and an explaination of how in the version History would be uprade, current users need to purchase a new keycode and an explanation of how and where. A little info for user on the need for an HD DVD RW drive would be helpful as well. For many of us, HD is still unknown territory (as are the requirements for making Anydvd HD a worthwhile purchase.
  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    If you're not into HD DVD, you don't need to purchase anything.
  19. freedom2

    freedom2 New Member

    well i'll say i'm a proud owner of all but one of SLYSOFT'S software.
    have been for a few years, to me these programs are hands-down
    the best programs out there right now.

    the HD DVD i think is a ways off, even though there out there, but
    i don't mess with them, beause no need to yet.................

    i will always think SLYSOFT'S programs are the best. :bowdown:

    but even being a proud owner of almost all of them, i think this
    $30.00 upgrade, is a little much, i hope in time we are not
    pressured to buy something we don't need.

    think it will be years before the HD-DVD is all that will be offered.

    not to point bad fingers at SLYSOFT but the $30.00 upgrade
    is little much......:doh:
  20. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    Really...30 bucks is WAY TOO MUCH?!?!?! What is wrong with you people?! The cost of an HD-DVD movie is 25-35 bucks. ONE MOVIE! So, an upgrade that gives you unlimited updates for life costing 30 bucks is too much?! Are you people crazy? I'm sorry, but, so many people seem to think it should be given away or cost 20 or less or whatever, but, Slysoft put effort into developing this. It wasn't like they woke up one day, slapped the "aacs removal code" together in an hour, and decided to rape consumers by overcharging for it. It cost them money to develop this technology. And you're all complaining that it costs the price of a movie to upgrade to this version. Give me a break.