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    AnyDVD-HD/AnyDVD musts!
    Here's the all-inclusive list of what I came up with myself (as in a previous attempted now dead post), as well as what others wanted and posted about. As a jack-of-all-trades (I did manage to master a few ;) ), I commented to the ones I though would run the risk of 'breaking' AnyDVD at the coding level even though I included them in the list. I also included a few items that overlap with CloneDVD2 since a growing number of Western films require the AnyDVD ripper prior to using CloneDVD2. These are taken from the SlySoft Forums, the “Other Products” section of a competitor's site, and China BT. As usual, west means US/UK.

    Video DVDs:
    1)Option to filter out a series of audio formats (i.e. remove DTS OR remove all except DTS). (probably more trouble than it's worth for AnyDVD)

    2)Include other files. (the current rip Video_TS and ignore all else setting of AnyDVD Ripper as it stands is a bit harsh, especially on Asian discs). Many releases are starting to add things that are actually FUN to use to discs. In the west most data on V-DVDs still requires that Interactual malware program, that should be removed. But In Europe and Asia, many countries have BANNED it by law. These discs (region 3-6 releases and region 2 non-British-domestic), often don't contain issues. The ability to opt-in or opt-out of including “data” or “non-video” on a disc would be great, a true must for the ripper.

    3)Ability to rip the Audio DVD portion of Video DVDs, such as is found on Arctic Music concert and music video releases, and the international version of Judas Priest's last 5 DVD video/audio releases.

    4)IGNORE READ ERRORS! Many people ask about this over and over again. DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, IMGBrun.... Every major ripper except our fox can ignore read errors. Isn't it about time to implement this. It's a minor change, (IF, THEN, @ ELSE...)! I can understand the reluctance before when you could just use another ripper with AnyDVD running, but with more and more DVDs requiring the AnyDVD Ripper. (This is also useful for the many of us who patron rental stores or get DVDs by mail. For the people who buy used DVDs, often with no, or to much hassle, refunds. Take the damaged DVD and you put it in the computer, and run AnyDVD. You rip the damaged disc IGNORING read errors. Load PGCEDIT, rebuild time codes, done! You loose a few moments of the film, but now you can actually WATCH the movie rather than have a player just choke out at the damaged section, especially when it's at the beginning of the film. No more 10 day waits for replacements; no more 5 hour phone calls to eBay for refunds, no more NetFlix/BlockBuster waits...!)

    Audio DVDs:
    1)Full Audio-DVD support. (not necessarily an AnyDVD issues alone, but could be worked into CloneDVD2 and CloneDVD Mobile!)
    2)Ability to rip a backup (either a raw file-table backup or to MP3?) of audio discs.

    CD+E, CD+G, and CD+E/G
    1)Support, like above to rip a backup of the disc, minus protections.
    2)Ability to burn a backup directly from disc to disc
    3)Removal of CD+G security identifier

    1)Any high-speed (24x+) computer DVD player is capable of reading an SACD, or the SACD (DVD) layer of multi-layer discs. It would be great to have AnyDVD-HD (keep it on the premium HD level) be able to translate the SACD partitions on-the-fly so that we didn't have to load up other software enable to play SACDs. Especially useful for those who use MPC setups and serve discs from either a hardware multi-disc player (more common than you may think) or IMG/ISO virtual disc servers (many available free from

    Despite all the Western up-in-arms nonsense about HD-DVD being dead, not even close. HD-DVD is still a popular and, in some countries (China, Singapore, Vietnam, Sweden, Norway, Russia, ....), the better selling format. In Japan the sales are about even for players and films. In China HD-DVD outsells BluRay 3:1. Companies that are claiming to not support the format have really only dropped it in the West. Most new Western BluRay releases are available in other countries as HD-DVD. There is no reason to end support.
    1)Ability to rip data with the film

    1)Ability to rip data with the film
    2)Ghost HDCP security being in place.

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    Remember configuration


    I'd really like to see AnyDVD able to re-use the configuration from a previous version when installing an update.
    It's really stupid to enter the same information all over again every week or so.

    (Not that I'm complaining about the frequency of updates. ;-)
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    Can you tell me slowly how to configure DVDShrink to ignore read errors?

    -W (thought I knew Shrink inside and out)
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    SACDs? As far as I know no computer drives can read those. It is a proprietary format by Sony. Only their audio cd layer if they have one. If they knew it would be broken so quickly I bet they would try to keep blu-ray proprietary too. :)
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    Well, they are physically incapable of playing them and sending the info to a decoder.