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    This is a very small problem that someone out there may have the answer to. I recently installed vobblanker and when I tried to access it the message came up that I had to disable AnyDVD. Sounds easy? Well, I went to the AnyDVD icon and removed the checks from "Enable AnyDVD" and "Autorun" thinkinking this would solve the problem. When I went back to vobblanker the same message came up that AnyDVD had to be disabled before the program would run. Am I missing something here? Any and all help is appreciated.
  2. Webslinger

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    Newer versions of VobBlanker now blacklists Anydvd basically. For more background information about why this happened visit

    You may need to exit Anydvd first before running VobBlanker.
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    You're over-thinking the problem. Exit AnyDVD. Don't mess with the settings that you did because there's no need. When you are done using VobBlanker for whatever reason you needed then re-start AnyDVD.

    This is exactly what it means. AnyDVD, DVD43 and DVD Region Free are checked to see if they are running. If any of them are then VobBlanker won't be allowed to start and you'll get a warning. Exit the appropriate program and then VobBlanker will run w/o a problem. And, of course, restart the program when you're done with VobBlanker.

    Edit: I know you know what I'm talking about, Webslinger. It was just easier to explain it all in one post. :)
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    And neither of you thought to answer the next obvious thing?? SLAP SLAP to both of you! :D He's going to want to know what to do now that VobBlanker and AnyDVD don't play nice together. To answer that, you need to rip the disc to the hard drive first using either CloneDVD if you own it(best choice) or the AnyDVD ripper, exit AnyDVD, and then you can open VobBlanker and run it against the rip you just made. Yes, that's a royal pain, but, it's the only way to make this process work I'm afraid.
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    Let it go. :)
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    Well... I assumed anyone that would use VobBlanker to begin with would logically figure out the rest... :doh:

    But, hey, we wouldn't have to worry about this if you hadn't... :eek: *whistles innocently*

    I kid! I kid!
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    To quote one of my favorite Steven Seigal movies...assumption is the mother of all *******. :)

    So....we're placing blame now, eh? I see how it is. Get one little program blacklisted and you never live it down. LOL! :D
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    Is this your responsibility as well? :D


    Anydvd is going to have to resort to rootkits because of you, similar to what Daemontools and Alcohol 120% use to hide from the OS. It's just a matter of time. Then we'll get people coming out of the woodwork complaining that Slysoft is using rootkits, and all rootkits are evil. All because of you!

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    Uh, nope. Can't says I have anything to do with that one. :) Fortunately I don't own anything with protectdisc on it. That's not likely to change, either. ;)
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    Hmmm, you better check the news. This week global cooling is the biggest threat. Stupid climatologists can't even figure out if we're coming or going!! And I got rid of my SUV, so, yea, I guess I'm probably to blame for global cooling. :D