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    Dear user,

    Due to the speed in which anydvd beta versions are released, they often are not immediately recognised as safe by AntiVirus solutions. This is something we see regurarly and nothing the staff can do about it.

    1) If your AV program is giving a warning: Temporarily disable it and it should download and install just fine. Reactivate after installation
    2) If your browser is throwing the warning: disable your browser's "malicious website" setting and it should let you connect and download just fine. Then simply install.
    3) Some AV products are claiming AnyDVDTray.exe (or sometime another anydvd exe) is malicious. This is NOT the case if the install file has the proper digital signature. In that case, before you reactivate your virus, i recommend creating a AV file scanner FOLDER exclusion for the entire AnyDVD install directory! That way no files in the AV directory will be scanned and classed as malware. Afterwards reactivate your AV.

    Note: before you run the actual install you can rightclick the file > properties > digital signature to see if the digital signature is intact.

    No signature or signature invalid > do not install
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