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    I have a questions and this may or may not be part of the AnyDVD process. I have a Sony 400 CD/DVD changer that catalogs all my dvd's. This usually catalogs the name and puts in a picture it gets from the DVD it self. I bought the Spiderman 3 DVD and when i put that in my DVD player i see the name and the picture of the venom spiderman cutome. When i make a copy and put that in my dvd player all i get is the name. Can someone tell me what is the file name of this picture or what i need to do so that file is not removed in the decryption process of Anydvd? Or is this something that DVDshrink does? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This happend to a few of my DVD backups.
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    Some DVDs have Jacket_P folder, in addition to the Video_TS and the (empty) Audio_TS folder.
    The Jacket_P folder contains background screens and/or screensavers. Some players can use these informations accordingly.
    Movie copy programs usually don't copy the Jacket_P folder.

    You could create the Video_TS folder with DVD Shrink, then simply copy over the Jacket_P folder to your hard drive and burn those two folders to a blank. This may work.
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    I do see now the Jacket_P folder and inside are 3 *.mpeg2 files but i use Nero 6 i believe and it does not allow me to copy anything other then the video_ts folder contents. I will keep researching to see if there is a way around this.