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    Will AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter work together. Is the software compatable? If so how do I set up Any DVD and or DVD Decrypter for it to work ? PLease be specific since I am new to this.

    Second question- Do I need to use DVD Shrink wiith either Anydvd or DVD decrypter or can I use Any DVD and DVD Decrpit alone.
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    AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter should work together. You only need DVD Shrink if you want to compress a DVD9 to fit on a DVD5.
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    AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter will work fine together. But there are two settings, you need to change, in DVD Decrypter. I'm sorry, but I don't remember what they are. Maybe someone that remembers, will chime in.

    DVD Decrypter will not compress a dual layer movie, to fit on one 4.7 GB disc. You will need to use Shrink, or use Double Layer (DL) discs. If you use DL discs, use Verbatim brand. They will be less trouble. I, personally, use DVD Decrypter, to burn my DL discs.

    Here is a site with links to some software, including Slysoft's, and some very good, step by step guides, on how to use some of it:
    Good luck!
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    I found a like that stated to do this:
    1. Make sure AD is running in background
    2. Put dvd in tray and leave door open
    3. Open DVDD and select mode>ifo
    4. Click the "L" next to "E" under your dvd source drive.
    5. Next click the big DVD icon and DVDD/AD will rip the movie only to your selected folder
    6. After rip rename vobs from VTS_08 to VTS_01
    7. Run a full disk clean up on vobs with FixVTS 1603
    8. Open IFOEdit and and select create IFOs

    I did try that and it worked up to step 6 when it asked me to remane the file. Do I put in the rename file in step 6 ? What will that do automatically find the data and burn it ?
    Also in step 7. for FixVTS what file do I put in there?
    I'm not following what to do after step 6. Can anyone help ?
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    This is all you have to do to use DVDDecrypter and AnyDVD and all of the changes are made to DVDD .
    As posted in the AnyDVD History:, 2006 02 15

    To use DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD set I/O Model to SPTI or ElbyCDIO.
    Set CSS Cracking method to none. Disable checking for structure

    You will also have to use either VobBlanker or FixVTS if there are any structural problems as AnyDVD will not correct those but it really is simple to use
  6. Carolina Mike

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    I have no idea why anyone would do it the way those instrucions state. You really are making it too hard on your self.

    Set up DVDD properly(instrucions above)
    Rip it to HD using File mode
    Use FixVTS or Voblanker on the ripped files
    Use Shrink, Nero, Clone or whatever transcoder you want to compress the files
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    thats it just those three changes. That other post had me on a wild goose chase. When using it anydvd is getting around the encription right, then I can just choose to remove it from the work folder and burn using DVDD right. I dont need shrink ? I'm new at this
  8. Carolina Mike

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    After you rip it to HD you will then need to correct any structural problems the DVD has. This is why you use FixVTS or VobBlanker. You can then compress it w/ any program you want to and after compression you can burn it w/ any program you want to. If you want to have the files fit on a DVD-5 then you need to compress the files using Nero Recode, Shrink or any of the other transcoding programs.

    If you do not mind spending a little $$ the look at CloneDVD as it will compress and burn the DVD for you.
  9. Coaster

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    @ djt7728,

    The below CD Freaks Forum posting explains in detail how to correctly configure DVD Decrypter to work in conjunction with AnyDVD. Note posting #5 and #8 comments in the below referenced CD Freaks Forum posting.

    Also it would be helpful if you explained exactly what you are attempting to do with the DVD Decrypter-AnyDVD software program combination so that Forum Members can comment on your question concerning DVD Shrink.

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