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  1. Marcial

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    I just got a Blu-ray disc which was released for Region B. So I selected "Video Blu-ray" in AnyDVD and changed the settings (see the screenshot) so that when I rip the movie to the hard disc, the copy will be compatible with any Blu-ray player, but it didn't work.

    This is the message I get when I try to play the copy with my PC Blu-ray drive or with the standalone Blu-ray player connected to the TV:


    The software for the PC Blu-ray drive is CyberLink PowerDVD 15, which I suspect uses RPC-2 firmware.

    But in either case, PC or standalone player, is AnyDVD not supposed to remove the Blu-ray region code (A, B or C) when the "Blu-ray Disc Region" is properly set? Please look at the following screenshot and help me out.

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  2. Marcial

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    I am sorry. I think I just found the solution. This seems to be the correct settings for removing a Blu-ray Region code. I had selected "Automatic" before:

    Blu-ray region code settings.png
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Automatic doesn't always work due to how the region is stored inside the disc's Java code. To be safe (and right) it's recommend to manually specify the disc's region (where you got it, NOT your own region)
  4. Pete

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    The normal and correct setting is "automatic".
    That way, you get asked for the region of the disc, unless AnyDVD can detect it.

    If you answer incorrectly, the answer will be stored and used from then on. In order to correct this, you should switch to "manual", insert the disc, enter the correct region, then switch back to automatic.

    Setting a fixed region is not recommended, unless you are sure, that you only use discs from that region.
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  5. Marcial

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    Chevron, "Automatic" did not work. I am sure about it. That's why I had to select "Region B" manually. You are right.

    Pete, I just changed the settings back to "Automatic" and started ripping the disc ("Rip to Image") to the hard disc but AnyDVD did not ask me for the region of the disc, just the same way it happened when I made the copy the first time, and that copy was Region B, same as the original. And yes, I have to change it back to "Automatic" any time I do it manually.

    I understand that "Automatic" is supposed to detect the region code but it did not work for me.
  6. KBJ2007

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    What is that last entry for? The second "Remove Blu-ray country code" after Region C.
  7. James

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    As the right-mouse button says: Some US anime discs require this.
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  8. SLKabaker

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    I am in the United States and I import 3D Blu-rays from the U.K. and Germany (primarily). What I have done, is set it to "Always ask for region code of inserted disc." That way there is no worry about "Automatic" failing and I don't have to worry about forgetting that I left it manually set for the majority of my Blu-rays.
    I believe "Remove Blu-ray country code" is for a, relatively, small number of Animé Blu-rays that have an additional locality lock to the country they were made in. I can't remember if they are from Japan or the United States. I am fairly confident that is what that option is about.
  9. KBJ2007

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    Ah yes, I forgot about the context help. Cheers!