AnyDVD active or inactive when burning ISOs?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Ron Hill, Dec 25, 2020.

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    What is the recommendation regarding enabling/disabling AnyDVD when burning ISO images? I ask this because I just made some backup DVDs of my Jethro Tull Stormwatch Force 10 edition DVDs with AnyDVD left enabled. I was using the standard Windows 10 image burner. In both cases the process aborted with an error during finalisation of the discs but they both play perfectly on my Oppo 203 so I was wondering if AnyDVD should be disabled when burning ISOs?

    I looked in the FAQ and I see that it is not recommended to use AnyDVD to rip DVD ISO. Is this the likely source of my problem? Should I be using ImgBurn in conjunction with AnyDVD to create ISOs of DVD instead?
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    AnyDVD has zero impact during burning. Imgburn would "complain" anydvd might interfere during the verification phase (reading) but that's about it. The most likely culprit here is getting too close to the outer edge of the disc, or using low quality media. Problematic drives are also a possibility but usually a low chance of that.
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    There is one caveat to having AnyDVD resident while burning an ISO with ImgBurn. (This was like 9 years ago when I discovered this, so it may not apply anymore; I haven't tested it since discovering it.) If you're burning an ISO to a DVD+RW with AnyDVD resident, the resulting DVD+RW will be unusable until you fully format it again. What happens is the Verify will fail, even if AnyDVD is disabled on a subsequent manually issued Verify. And, the DVD+RW will fail to write immediately on write on all subsequent attempts to burn to it again until you fully format it. A full format causes it to be usable again.

    After discovering this years ago, I made it my standard operating procedure to only enable AnyDVD when it's needed and leave it disabled all other times.
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    Yeah, could be the media although the copies play perfectly on the Oppo 203 even with the failure notification. I will try ImgBurn to create the ISO instead of using the AnyDVD ISO ripper as per the recommendation in the FAQ and see if that makes a difference.
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    Could you please try CloneCD to see if you can get the ISO image that you wanted, and then burn said ISO image with ImgBurn? And see if that works?

    I've used CloneCD in the past to make ISO files that I couldn't make with AnyDVD or CloneDVD2.

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  6. Ron Hill

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    Use CloneCD to make an ISO backup of a DVD?
  7. mmdavis

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    Yes, CloneCD or CloneDVD either one. CloneCD would have to be full disc, CloneDVD you can select which Title(s) you want.
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    The ISOs I created and burned worked ok so I am just going to chalk this one up to "learning curve" and next time I have to make a DVD ISO i'll keep CloneCD in mind.
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    Or just do it the right way and use clonedvd's 'image' function. (Though that obviously one works with video DVDs and not data DVDs)

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