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    DVD is Transformers: The Last Knight from the USA (Region 1). Have installed (and just purchased an expensive license key for) AnyDVD Am using Clone DVD 2.9.3 on Windows 7 to copy just the main title (Click on "Clone Title"). I get an error message (see the attached screenshot) that tells there is a sector read error. The disc is brand-new and has no scratches or blemishes. I am not sure why I can't copy this disc. I am also attaching a log file.

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    Considering this is a pretty big blockbuster and new release, and the logfile looks clear, there's a decent chance it's a new protection. @James will have to take a look

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    So, just to cover all my bases, I wiped the disc surface with a soft lens wipe and tried again, and it worked. So there may have been something that I just couldn't see on the surface. I checked pretty thoroughly, I thought. Makes me wonder now if I didn't need to purchase the license for the latest version in order for it to work. :|
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    Looks like a defective / dirty disc and / or drive to me.

    EDIT: You can try to set AI scanner to "always enabled", but I doubt this will help.
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    You wouldn't have had to if you had a 21 day trial that didn't run out yet.