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    DrinkLyeAndDie are you referring to clonedvd2 from slysoft or clonedvd.
    If you are referring to clonedvd2 how do you rip with that program?.
    it seems that program is used to make backups up your dvds?
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    Both are the same program. We simply re-sell elby CloneDVD.

    You select "DVD Files" or "ISO Image" as the output method. If you don't want to compress, you set DVD-DL as the target size.
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    It just worked for me fine. :rock:
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    After doing some research with F-Secure Client Security v9.0, which I believe uses the same anti-virus engine as F-Secure Internet Security 2011, the culprit of the "corrupt file" seems to be the DeepGuard setting "Use Advanced Process Monitoring". If this setting is unchecked, AnyDVD downloads and installs just fine, if it is checked, AnyDVD downloads, but after installation, you get the "file corrupted" message when AnyDVD tries to initialize itself. I believe DeepGuard is just another advanced heuristic program that the anti-virus uses. Other anti-virus programs that are generating a similar error message should have a similar program/setting which can be raised or lowered in intensity.

    Once the problem has occurred you have to do the following, since simply turning the "Use Advanced Process Monitoring" won't resolve it (NOTE: This "fix" method was done using F-Secure Client Security v9.0, with other anti-virus programs, it may be different as to what and where the similar settings are located/changed):

    (01) Delete the AnyDVD setup program that you originally downloaded (SetupAnyDVD6700.exe)

    (02) Select the DeepGuard section and uncheck "Use Advanced Process Monitoring".

    (03) VERY IMPORTANT Look for the setting "When a harmful program is found:" and select this setting from the drop down menu: "Always ask me"

    (04) Click on the link "Open list of monitored programs"

    (05) A box will appear containing a list of all of the programs that are being monitored. There should be four AnyDVD programs that you need to remove from that list:

    1 = AnyDVD Application - anydvdtray.exe
    2 = AnyDVD Application - anydvd.exe
    3 = SetupAnyDVD6700.exe
    4 = setregacl.exe

    (05) Once the programs are removed from the monitored list, exit that box.

    (06) Close everything up and re-download the setup program "SetupAnyDVD6700.exe" once again.

    (07) Run "SetupAnyDVD6700.exe" and allow to install.

    (0 After you close up the setup program and AnyDVD initializes you will get a warning box asking you if you "trust" this application or not, click on "Allow".

    (09) AnyDVD should run with no problems now.

    I believe setting the "heuristic" scanning method to a very high/aggressive state in any anti-virus program is simply going to cause too many false positives, as in this case. I would suggest that everyone set their heuristic settings to a "normal" state (usually the default setting), and see if that helps. Unfortunately, with any of the aforementioned anti-virus programs in this thread, once the damage is done, you have to go back and remove the blocked programs from the list and then start all over again.

    I hope this helps.


    PS - My spellchecker says "AnyDVD" is spelled wrong.
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    Hi az_raiden.

    Thank you very much for the very detailed analysis, your work is very much appreciated.

    Joe :)
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    Andvd 6701

    I tried this and still can not get iron man 2 to work for me. I use the anydvd and then shrink and then burn with cyberlink power to go. What am I not doing properly? Once I go to use cyberlink it says that it will burn but may not work in some dvd players.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Iorn man 2 - - - - - Dave


    Have you burned a good copy of iron man2? It doesn't seem to have audio when I use anydvd 6701 and shrink

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    Sorry, DVD is no longer in my range. Everything is fine at BluRay and IMGB works perfectly
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    Ripping Ironman2

    To rip this dvd successfully you have to have 2 things
    1. anydvd ver 7.0
    2. clonedvd2 ver 2.9.28
    Start anydvd 7.0 up
    Load ironman2 in your dvd writer
    right click on the anydvd icon and select rip video dvd to hard drive.
    Create a folder called ironman2 for example and rip to that folder.
    When done bring up clonedvd2 ver 2.9.28 which is the latest version.
    If you use a lower version you will probably get sound on the previews
    but no sound on the main movie.
    Select clone dvd from the clonedvd2 menu .
    Search for the folder that you ripped ironman2 to.
    Open the folder and select video_ts and click ok.
    You should now see the files burning.
    This does work as I checked it myself
    Hope this helps
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    If you're using CloneDVD2 you do NOT have to rip the disk first with AnyDVD.

    If you're using DVDShrink you MUST rip the disk first with AnyDVD.

    Real Simple

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    For the Region 1 release on DVD there should be no issues using the AnyDVD ripper from v6.7.0.1 beta and then compressing to DVD-5 with DVD Shrink. Audio is present during playback in a standalone.
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    Works for me. :) Glad I check the forums, thought I was slippin' when whiplash suddenly appeared in the middle of the track and couldn't figure out where he came from! All good now. Thanks AnyDVD!
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    editing or re-encoding

    IfoEdit, PgcEdit

    These are two programs I have, but hardly know how to use very well. I did use one to properly fix the menu structure to National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

    I believe its going to be needed for Iron Man 2 as well, but it will be very involved process.

    Have you heard of them or use them for authoring or editing dvd files?
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    Those who have problems copying Iron Man 2

    From my experience as of today and yesterday while reading everyone's posts here and those dedicated to Iron Man 2. Which by the way, isn't the only title with issues when updating to 6700 - FYI! Especially when it's a 3rd party application thats at fault. Your virus protection software. For those who use the real thing, that is. Users of a lite version or freebie don't count.

    And why are we talking about using non-Slysoft products like DVDF Shrink, DVD Decrypter, DVDFab. . . Just buy the bundle of AnyDVD + CloneDVD2! Best value under $75 I finally gave in 3 yrs ago. Best move ever. Bottom line, its a learning process, its that simple. I think too many people overthink the problem and make it worse for themselves. STOP!

    1. USE AnyDVD to rip movie to HD and remove encryption

    2. USE CloneDVD2 to backup DVD files and compress movie (if required) to HD
    Should be used over using DVD Shrink, ITS BETTER!

    3. Set program rules for AnyDVD with your virus program ( if unable to, shut down temporarily while you do rip and backup of movie)

    This is what worked for me. Though the .IFO/.VOB mapping for the menu and play back are still off. But its not something to post here just to post.
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    anydvd, my movies and WHS

    I have read through most of the post and i cannot gleen anything i need to do to get my anydvd to rip ironman 2
    i have a headless whs using my movies and anydvd both the latest versions and no active memory virus scanner used on my whs

    i have tried to rip iromman twice and both times it fails at the end of the rip. the way my movies and anydvd intergrate there is no easy way for me to try a beta to see if that helps and i worry that may mess up other ripping into my movies

    any thoughts?
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    You need to use one of the last couple versions of AnyDVD if you want to rip Iron Man 2 - period.
    Older versions cannot rip it. AnyDVD is updated almost every week - by design.

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    windows home server with my movies using anydvd ...won't rip ironman 2 still