AnyDVD 6.4.x.x and Vista x64

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    Hello all.
    I've installed 2 days ago the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.
    The only recording software i have installed is: AnyDVD HD (, CloneCD, CloneDVD from Slysoft and from VSO the ConvertXtoDVD 3 ( and CopyToDVD 4.0.4b and the iTunes in it's 64-bit flavor. Today i converted a couple of movie trailers with ConvertXtoDVD3 but when the writing to DVD-Disc started, i got many errors and sometimes i burned half of the project. So i've installed the Copytodvd in case that there was something wrong with the burning engine of convert's, but the same. So i roll back also my SATA drivers on my nForce 570 Ultra controllers (i had the and went back to .998 and .995) but nothing again. So the last thing i did was to remove the version of AnyDVD and installed the official but the same with less errors. I was finally able to write my project when i right-clicked on my Anydvd status icon and selected disable Anydvd, not run on startup and in the end, exit. I did exited the 6.4.07 version also but it did no good then. What i've noticed from CopyToDVD's Log was that the device was not ready and that it was locked by another service (AnyDVD).All the times i put a new DVD to burn and the ConvertX or CopytoDVD where running the first autorun dialog that popped up was from windows asking me what to do with the empty disc and seconds later the AnyDVD returned to the full red status icon.

    Sorry for the long post but i wanted to put any detail that would matter.

    Update: I have the Service Pack 1 also installed.
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    Update to Clonedvd beta: click

    Anydvd and Clonedvd support the standard dvd-video format only. So if you're converting to something else, then you need to use other software to burn.