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    I seem to have lost this on can someone direct me to this file


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    Would There Be A Big Difference On Both???
    If So Can You Get Him The File He Is Looking For??

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    I might. It could. It would depend on why the version is needed. There are various changes be it fixes or tweaks in every version be it beta or official.

    I don't know of a working link or location for older versions of AnyDVD. There are some online archive repositories that might but I don't know.

    That link is 404'ed.
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    Thanks everyone but the link is dead when i try to click on it

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    Im still confused as to what version works with Shoot Em Up in some posts webslinger says in others i see to use and if its anyone got a working link thnx
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator works a little better apparently (with the AI scanner set to "Thorough") for the special features on Shoot 'EM Up.
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    Let me know if this works. If not I will try something else. I can go back 16 more versions. The oldest one being if you need.

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    Thanks that worked I have all the others I just couldn't find this one :D