AnyDVD virus?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by beachbum, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. beachbum

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    I don't have any cracks or pirated software, I do have a P2P program on my computer though. I noticed that I started having problems after a Java update, that's the only thing that has changed on my system. I doubt that would have anything to do with it though.

    Thanks for all of your help guys...I'll get it figured out eventually. I'm just kinda mad that I can't use something that I paid good money for!

    (and DetroitBaseball...Tigers fan are you? Did you see that homer Maggs hit in the 10th?!??)
  2. beachbum

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    I also have been using AVG for a long time. I have never had problems with it showing a false positive before, that's why this baffled me. I know there can't possibly be a virus in the AnyDVD software, so I just figured it must be a FP. But, clearly, from the searches I have done, and the posts that have been made in this thread, it is certainly a virus that is being detected.
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    I am a Tiger fan. I was glad to see he got it because in the bottom of the 10th when the Indians were threatening. He's hitting like .360.
  4. oldjoe

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    The P2P would be the most likely candidate for the introduction of the Trojan onto your PC.
  5. diskwatcher

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    I got hit with this as well, same trojan reading, but AVG took out AdAware instead of AnyDVD. A little googling turned up quite a few reports of false positives.

    Don't know why it chose AdAware over AnyDVD it just did and some people with Comcast had the email checker going nuts.

    I had to uninstall AdAware but by the next update Grisoft had fixed whatever it had done wrong and AdAware installed and ran with no problem.:)