AnyDVD also disables chkdsk/autochk

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    I also had a problem with chkdsk; after scheduling a disk check at boot time, autochk simply and silently skipped the check, if the disk to be checked was a system disk.

    But if I went into regedit and changed the drive letter in BootExecute registry key from:

    autocheck autochk /p \??\C:


    autocheck autochk /p \??\D:

    (where C: is my system disk), it started countdown and checked my D: disk.

    I had some luck with this issue :)bowdown:), which usually ends up with OS reinstallation or some (non-elegant) compromise, as seen on many related web pages.
    I ran chkdsk successfully at boot time about a week ago and there were no modifications on my system (even not virus updates) except update of CloneDVD and AnyDVD.
    So, the potentially "offending" applications were pinpointed. As I bought complete bundle (but currently haven't CloneDVD Mobile installed), I had to remove AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD as they all share the same (broken) ElbyCDIO.sys driver. :(

    My question is: this issue has been resolved in CloneDVD, which installs ElbyCDIO.sys v6.0.0.7.
    But, installer of AnyDVD still contains offending ElbyCDIO.sys v6.0.0.5 (the same as in CloneDVD that prevents boot-time system disk checking.

    So the only way to make latest AnyDVD not to block boot-time disk check is updating CloneDVD to version thus overwriting the faulty driver.
    But what about people that bouhgt only AnyDVD? The only option for them is to download, install and then uninstall latest CloneDVD (especially if those people already tried CloneDVD and their trial period has ended), in order to update the driver.

    Not very elegant solution, but currently the only one...

    In short, I think SlySoft should update AnyDVD as well (and probably CloneDVD Mobile) to include the fixed version of ElbyCDIO.sys, so those people owning only AnyDVD can get the fix in a proper manner (so to say) without having to perform "mini stunts".
    Especially if one takes into account there are newbies that can barely manage to register their product.

    $2/100, of course. :D

    Best Regards.
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    Sorry, performed the search with "chkdsk", "AnyDVD" and "autochk" keywords but there were no matches. The above post uses different wording to describe the problem so I was unable to find it. :eek:


    However, you must admit I gave much more (detailed) technical info... :D
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    Fix is already on the way...
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    this explains something

    read your informative post this explains something for me, i download slysoft via my laptop an old ageing a20m which is just fine for surfing nowt else i might add my main pc is offline and never sees the internet so its safer from nasties etc i downloaded the updates had all the chkdsk issue and went back to earlier versions sorted for now , i will wait until a few versions along come out then i will know its sorted , properley! but i tried running just any dvd 6167 and the laptop then refused to chkdisk also , it was a small matter to ghost the laptop to full working order for now im steeringclear and i will monitor what happens8)