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  1. SamuriHL

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    It sure didn't work with Pursuit of Happyness on a previous version. Nor did it work with Casino Royale. So, I'm confused as to why this works now. *NOT* complaining, mind you, just curious. :) Quite kuel!
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  3. SamuriHL

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    Hmmm, I could have sworn I tried that one and it didn't work for me. I'll dig the original out at some point and try again. I know Pursuit of Happyness didn't for sure.
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    Yeah, that title couldn't be opened directly wth Recode before. It would be interesting to see if it does now with Anydvd
  5. SamuriHL

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    Let's find out, shall we? :) Ok...the answer to that question is....NO, no it can't. :D

    P.S. DVD Shrink is also not able to open any ARccOS protected stuff. So, yes, Recode is better.
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    Good to know . . .
    Thanks :)

    Well, thanks to Anydvd ripper, that's no longer a problem. :clap:

    And yeah, Shrink 3.2 can't. I've heard people claim earlier versions of Shrink might be able to handle some of the Sony junk.
  7. SamuriHL

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    No biggie...I was simply playing. :D Personally, I use CloneDVD to rip and Recode or DVD Shrink to compress most titles lately. DVD-RB when I need some power house compression. But I like having alternatives...
  8. zavlakas

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    I tried AnyDVD ripper in v. with "Flight of Fury" Region 2 Greek...
    I also used another ripping solution, that is known for its compliance with Shrink...

    I am attaching screenshots of the outputs of the 2 solutions, opened in Shrink and DVDRemake Pro...

    There are a lot of differences in DVDRP and duration differences in DVD Shrink between the 2 solutions...
    Can anyone from slysoft comment on these differences??
  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Where can I see the different duration times? There is only one DVD Shrink screenshot. Last time I checked (many months ago) AnyDVD removed more junk cells from protected discs than other solutions, so I would expect the run time of an AnyDVD rip to be slightly shorter.
    The warning messages regarding cell commands are fine, because these commands are never executed. Removing them could introduce new problems.
    Regarding the subpicture tracks - are all subpicture streams present and play correctly in the rip? Is somethig missing?
  10. Slim

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    I solved this problem several versions ago by simply changing the file attributes of ElbyCDIO.dll. For some reason the "read only" attribute was checked on those instances where I got the above error, but installation proceeded with no problems by removing that attribute.

    I used Windows Explorer, browsed to C:/WINDOWS/system32/, highlighted ElbyCDIO.dll, right clicked to open menu, left clicked on "Properties" and unchecked "read only."

    It's a lot less trouble than all of that uninstalling and rebooting stuff. :agree:
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Thank you for letting me know. I have no idea why the file ended up read only, but I have changed the installer that it will automatically reset the file attributes of all files it is going to overwrite.
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  12. zavlakas

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    You are absolutely right....
    The existing screenshot is from the "other" ripping solution...

    Here is the screenshot from Shrink with AnyDVD ripper 's output...
    As you can see there are minor duration differences in Menus and main movie but also a 3 minutes difference in the extras...

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  13. Slim

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    You're welcome, James, and thanks for hopefully eliminating another small nuisance for your customers.:clap:
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    James; the thread.......

    Was closed for some reason known only to control mongers. :D

    I want to thank you for you your attention to both the main issue and the sordid details behind the Sony abortions.

    I'm not here because of a lack of interest... but because I've hit my busy season, and had the recent "pleasure" of becoming a burn victim (90% right arm - I'm left handed)

    I'm here in spirit.... and appreciative of your efforts.

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    This "control monger "doesn't recall closing the thread. Seems odd . . .

    I'm also not sure why it was closed. Maybe it was a mistake.

    Anyway, I'll merge this post into the existing thread.

    Anyway, if you want to continue discussing this beta there's a thread over here:

    Yeah, I'm admit to being slightly confused about this thread being closed and not the other one as well.
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    I didn't think for a moment that *YOU* closed the thread. And since it was overall such a positive little thread, I stand by my assessment that whomever locked it, is clearly a few slices short of a sandwich by nature, or is moderatng message boards with chemical issues that need help. :p

    Quite frankly, I'm way too busy keeping my arm from dripping all over the hardware to give much of a rats ass about *who* the dweeb dujour is. I just wanted to make damn sure that after all the pissing and moaning I did about Sony vs Shrink vs AnyDVD, that James clearly got my words of worship and bowing. :)

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    I'm pretty confused about why it's closed. I suppose I could have done something stupid and closed it without realizing it, but I didn't even check that thread recently until you mentioned it.

    But maybe there's a good reason . . .
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    Be a rebel............ and open it back up!!! (grin)

    -W (going to bed; be back ............ soon .......... I hope... :)
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    Well, I opened it.

    I hope James won't kill me.

    No one posted as to why it was closed, so I'm guessing some mistake was made.
  20. Mike89

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    I enjoyed reading the Release Notes of this version very much. IMO, this is a good direction to take, keeping full compatibility with DVD Shrink and Recode. Frankly I was wondering if I was ever going to see this cause it seemed AnyDVD was moving away from DVD Shrink.

    I bought AnyDVD awhile back and haven't used it for quite some time now (don't even have it installed anymore) because it was loosing that compatibility that was very important to me. I think Slysoft underestimated just how strong a following that DVD Shrink has and thought if AnyDVD moved to be less compatible with DVD Shrink, people would just ditch Shrink and move to CloneDVD2. What happened though is a lot of people ended up ditching AnyDVD instead. This news is the direction that may bring me (and I suspect others as well) back to using it again.

    I think it's good that Slysoft make AnyDVD to suit as many users as possible. Some don't particularly like CloneDVD2 (like me) and would rather use DVD Shrink or Recode. Some would rather rip to hard disk first. Different options for different users. I think this makes AnyDVD more versatile and will attract more users.

    In addition to the things in the Release Notes, it would really be nice to see the function of the ripper expanded to be able to rip movie only (like RipIt4Me and DVDFab can do) for those who may not want to use CloneDVD2 for this. I don't think that direction would affect sales of CloneDVD2 because there are people that like it and will still buy it (those who would rather use it than DVD Shrink/Recode). It would give the option to those who would just rather not use CloneDVD2 at all and would rather have AnyDVD to rip and DVD Shrink or Recode 2 to do the rest.

    Anyway, I think AnyDVD is now going in the right direction. Keep up the good work.
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