AnyDVD and Shrink with Open Season

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by duboiss1, Jan 31, 2007.

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    Download and install VSO Inspector and scan the disc for errors, it can do a surface scan and file test and if it finds any errors then you know that you got a bad source disc. Its a handy program to have, also you already got your answer on a bad source disc from when you tried to use RipIt4Me with the ISO errors.
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    All I can say is this.....

    "Why mess with the rest when ANYDVD and CLONE DVD are the BEST !!! "

    I have not had any problems when it comes to making back ups and using these two programs together. Burn at the slowest speed available and never anything over 4x and your good to go with your back up !

    Simple, Plain and to the point.


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    unable with

    Hmm, I have been trying with and DVD Shrink 3.2. No luck. Gives me the can't read drive D:\ error. Able to get an image with Nero but it is too big 8.2gB.
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    Right click on Anydvd on the toolbar, and select "rip-video dvd to harddisk". After you're finished ripping you should be able to import the main movie only into Shrink (Click "reauthor" and then browse to the location of the video_ts folder. Then drag and drop the main movie over to the left).

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