AnyDVD and Shrink with Open Season

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    Timing is everything.... I think it's unfortunate for the poor moderators that this issue arose JUST as this board was kicking off. It has, unfortunately, put them in the tough position of having to be "apologists" for AnyDVD - as opposed to just moderating the forum rules and offering tech help.

    Also.... I didn't intend this to be a discussion of Shrink vs ClondeDVD. Again the mods are put in the very *unfortunate* position of having to point to CloneDVD as a "solution" to this new problem. I even had to jump down the throat of a new poster that practicly accused Slysoft of foot dragging on this problem to give CloneDVD a leg up in the market. But the mods being in a position to have to "finger point" at Shrink... doesn't help with this perception.

    I agree with Webslinger that any real "venom" should be directed at the real idiots (like Sony) who dance all over the DVD standard in the name of "copy protection".

    Thanks greatly to this forum and Webslinger, I don't have to wait to backup Saw3 and Open Season and thanks again! I remain a VERY loyal fan of AnyDVD!! I just popped up when I started hearing the problem being spun straight into the lap of Shrink. The two infamous titles won't rip correctly using Windows Explorer iether - and that's perhaps the true absolute baseline standard of judgement.

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    1) I am not paid by Slysoft. I am moderating for free. You may already know this, but if you don't I want to make this clear.
    I am not in "the customer service business".

    2) I am writing what I believe to be true.

    3) I am not defending Slysoft nor acting as Slysoft's apologist--on purpose.

    4) When I tell people what's going on, it's to inform them, nothing more.

    5.) My opinions do not necessarily represent Slysoft nor its developers. Slyfox1 and other mods or admins probably don't agree with a lot of the things I write. My opinions are my own.

    I happen to think Shrink is a good, free program. As I've stated before I hope this issue with Anydvd/Shrink will be addressed. At the moment, however, to the best of my knowledge the developers are hard at work on AnyHD-DVD (and have stated as much, publically). That said, Slysoft has always dealt eventually with these issues that arise.

    You can shoot the messenger if you want. /shrug

    My very personal opinion follows: based on past history, I see no reason to believe that Slysoft is going to completely abandon Anydvd customers that also happen to be Shrink users.
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    Well, you can also use Clonecd, Nero Recode, 1-Click, Decrypter, DVD neXt COPY, DVD95 Copy, Dvd Rebuilder, and possibly other programs that I'm not aware of.

    We already know that Clonedvd2 is more compatible with Anydvd. This should be obvious, in part, because Slysoft has the access to the code for Clonedvd2. Consequently, it's easier to support Clonedvd2 than it is for Slysoft to support other programs. I sincerely doubt Slysoft is making Anydvd incompatible with Shrink and Sony junk on purpose. I honestly doubt that a lot, actually.

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    I'm pretty sure, and really hope, they'll get to the bottom of this issue, I just hope it's sooner than later. And I agree with the other poster that would like to see a problem *this serious* come ahead of a new product for the HD-DVD format that a lot of people are still leery of anyway. DVD9 is still the big cheese - this year.

    What would give me a LOT more confidence that this issue is being taken very seriously, would be to stop hearing the broken-record (and misleading) mantra about Shrink being "old, obsolete, and unsupported". Anyone with an ounce of technical knowledge knows that the duel layer DVD9 standard was finalized well before Shrink was finished in mid '04. The only variable between mid '04 and todays issues is *copy protection*. In other words, I get *concerned*, and post accordingly when I see the users (and fans) of Shrink suddenly made to feel marginalised for "sticking with that old archaic product". To me that feels "wrong".
    Users (fans) of Shrink are not suddenly the "red-headed stepchild" of the ripping and burning community, in fact, I'd bet they make up the largest single segment against any *one* of the other products. To a large degree they are still the "alpha community".

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    You certainly have the right to your opinion, and if people feel strongly about this issue, I encourage them to write a polite email to
    expressing their concerns.

    I have no sway in terms of the manner in which Slysoft operates or in what order Slysoft chooses to support its products.

    Again, I don't represent Slysoft. So when you see me writing about Shrink, I'm not representing Slysoft's official position.

    Shrink is certainly older than a lot of other transcoders and encoders in that the program hasn't been updated for a long time. I wouldn't agree that Shrink is unsupported. There's a lot of community support for this program. However, it's safe to say that some transcoder based (that also do not include css decryption functions) programs can accept faulty structures to a greater extent than Shrink. One side feels Shrink should as well, and the other side disagrees.

    From a development standpoint, I can see clearly what's easier to support. It has to take more work to make Anydvd function with Shrink than it does to make Anydvd function with other programs that can accept a less strict adherence to the dvd standard. This, in turn, means more work for Slysoft to make Anydvd compliant with Shrink.

    I wonder if Sony believes there's a standard. :(

    I would agree insofar that I don't think Shrink users deserve to be bashed. The transcoder quality, for one, is very good. Shrink users have every right to feel good about the program they use, in my opinion.

    I agree, and again, I can only express that I believe and hope eventually Slysoft will address this issue.
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    Shrink 2.3

    I have been Able to back up most of the said dvd,s in ? with shrink 2.3
    You just have to re- authur do main title set and it will be fine ignoir the error when shrink trys to do the first scan just click cancle and re- authur then your good to go.
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    No one uses Shrink 2.3, no one even knows where to find it.
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    Judging from of all the references made to Shrink, on this and any other DVD info forum I have ever been on, it would seem quite obvious that it is very popular and used by many people.
    Carolina Mike has been kind enough to post a link.
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    I meant specifically Shrink 2.3, I know a lot of people use Shrink
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    My apologies to you DetroitBaseball. I assumed, quite wrongly, that you were referring to Shrink in general.
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    No problem, it's easy to get confused on the internet since you can't hear someone's tone. You know, you can take things the wrong way easily.
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    Open Season, Running with Scissors

    I too have had luck with an older version of DVDshrink v3.0beta5. This can be found at sites that list the older versions because I just downloaded it last week. CloneDVD won't recognize the movies after they are shrunk but I have had luck with DVD Santa on the Open Season and I just finished using 1Click DVD on Running with Scissors. I am currently running DVDshrink on The Grudge 2 and will let all know how that one turns out.

    Like the mods say AnyDVD is working the hangup is in DVDshrink. I hope this info can help speed up a solution though.

    Grudge 2 also worked same as the others, all titles menus, everything shrunk then burned on 1 Click DVD.
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    RIPIT4me works with open season and it's free
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    Indeed, and RipIt4Me is a great free alternative.
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    Ok... this is absolutely bizarre? I have the latest ANYDVD downloaded on my computer (and the latest CloneDVD), and whenever I put my Open Season DVD into the computer I cannot access the DVD drive while ANYDVD is engaged (it shows no disk in the drive). If I turn off the Autostart and reboot then the dvd drive will recognize the Open Season DVD, then when I engage ANYDVD again it disappears. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    I also downloaded the latest RipIt4Me from their website ( and that locks up (read errors) on Open Season everytime.
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    Sounds like a bad source disk or your drive is not working properly. Try a different DVD.
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    Drive appears to be okay... I backed up Crank and Babel with no problems (ANYDVD & CloneDVD worked like a charm). Checked Open Season and the disk appears to be free of any marks or blemishes, but once AnyDVD engages the DVD disappears from the drive. With ANYDVD shut down the disk appears and Ripit4Me gets to the second title chapter (with DVD Fab Decrypter) then ISO errors itself out. I'm at a total loss?!?
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    Bad original disc