Anybody tried BootCamp Windows + XBox360 HD-DVD Drive to playback HD-DVDs?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by offset, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Hello Guys!

    I found some infos on the net that it is possible to connect the XBox360 HD-DVD Drive to a Mac.
    But there is no Playback software for commercial copy-protected HD-DVDs on the Mac, am I right?

    So maybe it is possible to install Win XP via BootCamp and to run the drive within Windows?
    But is the Mac mini (Core Duo with 1.6 Ghz and 1Gb Ram, end 2006) strong enough to playback HD-DVDs? :confused:
    Can I output the movie via the DVI-VGA adapter to my Pioneer Plasma when using AnyDVD HD?

    Has anybody experience with this? I don´t want to by a Windows Medicenter PC because its more expensive and doenst look as good as the mini does!
    So can anyone confirm that it will work with teh latest HD-DVDs (like Batman, Serenity, ...)

    Thanks in advanve for any help!:)

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    i'm in the same situation with linux, i've asked (and not crossposted!) but nobody answered, i guess we're a "niche" :(

    i doubt a mac mini is up to playing back hd content (or my xbox1) but anydvdhd does remove the hdcp requirement - i.e. you can playback at full res using just a dvi cable.

    i was going to use vmware instead of dual boot, to rip the files within windows, but i'm not sure if linux (or mac) can even pay back unencrypted streams yet (latest mplayer can do some, but audio is iffy apparently, dunno about videolan).
  3. offset

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    Yes you are right. Most people by a mediacenter PC or a standard Desktop PC
    with expensive Hardware to playback HD-DVD/BluRay.
    But the idea was, to get it running with the cheap mac mini. It is the smallest and cheapest PC in its class.
    If i by a mini case like the mac mini has and euqip it by myself with hardware it
    will cost much more then the mini.

    Any other ideas?


  4. ptolomeus3

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    Maybe you should ask those questions in a Mac / Apple forum?
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    @ptolomeus3 I did, but i haven`t got an definitve answer yet.

    Maybe it will work, maybe it wont? I cant say it even after 3 days searching the internet and writing forum articles. :(
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    That´s what I heard - but without engagement - with BootCamp there are no known problems running Windows XP (Vista should be to much for a Mini). And AnyDVD-HD runs under Windows XP ... and yes, you should be able to output the movie via the DVI-VGA adapter (this is an option at Apple shop) ... If you take the mini with 2GHz, enough power should be there to handle the HD-DVD or BluRay ...
  7. offset

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    Hi ptolomeus3!

    Thanks i will think about what you said.
    nevermind I will try to compare the price for Mac mini 2GH with normal
    small form factor PC, which has been recomnended from an other user.

    The first ideo was to use my 1,6Ghz mac mini (and by the new one for regular use ),
    but if I have to by an new mac mini just to use it for mediacenter purpose,
    my it will be better to build a small form factor PC with a internal HD-DVD drive.

    Markus :)
  8. Phrehdd

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    Mac and HD DVD (Xbox)

    I just went through this very same challenge myself.

    The Mac Mini will not be a good choice due to the on board video. Technically, it might work but you need PowerDVD Ultra as your software for playing the HD DVD. PowerDVD Ultra (sigh) is stringent on what they will accept for video drivers/hardware.

    My situation was different as I tried to use both VMware and Parallels with a more powerful MAC than a Mac Mini (XP Pro virtulized).

    Ultimately, I had to go to Boot Camp and that worked well. Movies played flawlessly with ANYDVD HD and PowerDVD Ultra. I was also able to use Image Burn software to create an ISO on my hard drive and Daemon Tools to make the XP system see it as a "DVD" drive (assign a drive letter et cetera) which is needed.

    Since you are more familiar with MAC you might read the following and consider -

    All iMac models let you connect a second display in either extended desktop mode or video mirroring mode. The mini-DVI port connects to DVI displays, VGA monitors and projectors, and S-video and composite devices using the appropriate adapter as an after purchase.

    PowerDVD Ultra - ATI (recommended requirements): ATI Radeon HD 2400, 2600, 2900 series 256 mb RAM.

    The 20" iMac comes in two flavours - one has the HD 2600 256mb. This would be the "lowest" level MAC that would work well.

    You can buy the minimum set up and then add 3rd party RAM. As for the Drive, either get a larger drive (internal) 3rd party or use the Firewire 800 with an external case. (My take is put in a 750gig or 1tb drive in and also use the Firewire 800 to store "data." ... preferably mirrored in the external drive enclosure.

    Btw - my background was DOS/Unix/Win3x/OS2/OS2Warp/NT/Win95-2000/XP before I moved to MAC. Vista was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I use XP Pro with Boot Camp to a 30" Cinema Display (Photo work) from my MAC Pro.

    Good luck on what you choose to do.

    - Phrehdd

    PS - Mac can recognize the XBOX HD DVD player but no software to use it so best to leave it powered off when you use MAC : )
    When you boot into Windows. Turn it on AFTER you are in Windows. MS has a driver for the player from their update site.
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    Thanks for your advice. I think the best way will be to build my own HTPC to avoid the problems with integrated graphics.

    Best regards!