Any way to transfer and watch rips on my PS3?

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  1. jamieuk147

    jamieuk147 Active Member

    is there not a way to watch a blueray rip via my PS3 by streaming it or even transfering it to my PS3 hard drive. Or some other magic way that you can think off ??

    cheers !!
  2. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    You can stream it if the codec is AVC or MPEG2, but audio must be dolby digital, not DTS or HD audio streams. I use tversity to stream to the PS3. You must use tsremux or tsmuxer to keep only the video stream and the one audio stream/keep the core dolby digital stream if there is only a truehd audio stream in your desired language.
  3. mrvile

    mrvile New Member

    I second this !!
    I'd like to be able to watch a Transformers HD-DVD rip on my PS3 using Tveristy....
    can anyone point me to a guide?
  4. hln98

    hln98 Member

    I am able to stream blu-ray files to PS3 from a Mac using MediaLink (awesome software).

    Quick guide:

    1. Rip to your hard drive using AnyDVD ofcourse.
    2. Go into the stream folder of the ripped BD
    3. Find the largest .m2ts file (that is your movie)
    4. Use TSremux (a free program. Google it and download) and bring in the m2ts file found in step 3.
    5. Pick the AVC or Mpeg2 file (check the checkbox)
    6. Pick the Dolby Digital track (there will be several tracks here)
    7. Click on button to run (should take no more than a few minutes)
    8. Rename the .m2ts file to something meaningful like SpiderMan3.mpg <---------- Make sure it is mpg for PS3 to read it

    Once renamed to .mpg, you can play this file using Windows Media player to see if the audio track you picked in step 6 is the
    correct English. If not, go back to select a different track.

    The whole process should take a few minutes (mine usually takes about 7 minutes per movie). You will end up with a file much less in size. The video quality is untouched, the file size is reduced because you only keep the movie and 1 audio, instead of the whole thing with several audio in different languages. Let me be clear here. The movie file is untouched and crystal clear 1080p, exactly the quality as the original.

    Now you can use this file to stream to PS3 using (MediaLink for Mac or Windows Media Player 11 for PC folks). Again google "How to stream to PS3 using Windows Media Player 11" and you should find tons of guides out there.

    Make sure, you stream, using wire instead of wireless.

    If all this is foreign to you or if you are a girl, then good luck :) I can't help you.
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  5. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    You could stream the video if it is avc (which transformers is), but the audio is the problem. To my knowledge, hd dvd audio specifications don' correspond to blu ray specs. So, to my knowledge you could use eac3to to demux the audio stream you want and put that on a cd or something and sync it manually to the video that is playing on the ps3 (major pain in the ass though). For VC-1 encoded hd dvd titles you could use vc1con to put the video into a (I think) .ts format and do the same thing I already stated for the audio.
  6. ndjr

    ndjr Active Member

    The PS3 internal harddrive do not have a 4GB limit, you can copy a 40GB BD file to it without problem, that is before the 2.2 firmware! now it seems impossible to copy really big BD files for some stupid reason!
    anyone have a solution to this?
  7. damnskippy

    damnskippy Well-Known Member

    This peaked my curiosity so I demuxed the main movie and the DD-EX streams from American Psyco to a m2ts. Since it was an MPEG2 video file I just changed the extension, added it to my library (after turning on sharing and aadding the PS3). Then went to my PS3 and it showed up and played fine though not actually watchabe. The problem seems to be I have my PS3 setup wireless and it is not enough bandwidth so the movie studders. Bummer now I am going to have to run me a wired connection.

    I have to agree with my Wife, we are silly sometimes, I do not really have much use for this but I still want to make it work :)
  8. hln98

    hln98 Member

    PS3 cannot read external drive with NTFS which is the only way to have files that are > then 4 Gigs. It only reads FAT32 external drive. How would you put, say a 5 gigs file on the PS3 then?
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  9. ndjr

    ndjr Active Member

    With external drive yes, but the INTERNAL drive COULD read 30-40GB files easy, but now they changed that with the 2.2 firmware I am sorry to say, but you can still copy ATLEAST 8GB files to it with Red Kawa

    And if someone know how to copy 30GB files to the internal drive as you could before, please let me know how
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  10. hln98

    hln98 Member


    I just copied Spider-Man 3 file (28 Gigs) from my iMac using MediaLink and my wired ethernet network. It only took 50 minutes which is really not bad for such a huge file. Also, I have the latest PS3 firmware 2.30

    The movie file played perfectly with stunning 1080p sweetness.

    I was under the assumption that the PS3 HD cannot accept anything bigger than 4Gigs (I thought it was FAT32). I am glad some one here corrected my statement earlier that led me to this.

    If you are a Mac user, MediaLink is the greatest software ($20 bucks) for streaming files to PS3 with stunning quality. I just upgraded my PS3 internal drive to 250G so I am good to go, at least for a little while.
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  11. Hanko44

    Hanko44 Well-Known Member

    You can STREAM any size to the PS3.

    Getting the PS3 to store it on its internal HDD
    is another question.
  12. ndjr

    ndjr Active Member

    Strange! after the 2.2 and 2.3 firmware I cant copy BIG BD files to the PS3 HD with red kawa, so it does work with MediaLink ? can you use MediaLink with a PC ? or is it mac only? ?
  13. hln98

    hln98 Member

    MediaLink is with Mac only, sorry. I can stream with Windows Media Player 11 on the PC, but don't know if you can copy files to PS3 internal HD.

    Also did another copy of a 40gig file to PS3 internal HD and it is fantastic.

    The reason I copied these huge files over to PS3 locally is so that I could fastforward with ease, especially with concert blu-ray titles. Streaming is great but if you need to skip ahead is problematic.

    I can't stress how happy I am with MediaLink. It is fantastic. Thank you SlySoft for AnyDVD as well.
  14. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    with the amount of time it takes to copy across I'd just burn it to a BD-RE and watch that
  15. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    i believe the internal drive is a proprietary format that does accept files greater than 4GB.
  16. Hanko44

    Hanko44 Well-Known Member

    That is true - but I read somewhere else that
    since the 2.2 FW update - Sony has STOPPED
    the PS3 from being able to load large files.

    I could be wrong.
  17. ndjr

    ndjr Active Member

    Yes after the firmware update I get an error when trying to upload big BD files with red kawa, small files like 8GB is fine

    anyone else have this problem???
  18. hln98

    hln98 Member

    Yes you are wrong. I just copied a 40Gig file from Mac to PS3 via MediaLink and PS3 loads it just fine with firmware 2.30.

    Burning a 40G file to BD-RE will take 3 hours. That is why 50 minutes copy to PS3 internal HD is better for me. Normally, I just stream BD file and watch it. This is a concert BD that I need to fast forward.
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  19. Hanko44

    Hanko44 Well-Known Member

    Like I say - I don't try to store anything on the PS3.

    Notice the PREVIOUS post to yours - others are having
    a problem.

    Also - I can stream and Fast Forward with NO PROBLEM.
  20. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Not true, 40GB takes me around 80-90 mins to burn to a disc, and most films aren't that big. I used to have to leave it on basic settings in Imgburn otherwise it would fail verification, but since the latest version the enable fast write seems to be working much better
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