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Any suggestions on clip capture prgs?


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May 5, 2007
I would like to capture clips of my favorite scenes from my DVDs. I've got a nice arsenal of editing software (Studio, Nero, PwrDirector, VirtDub, ect.), but some don't deal with .vob files very well, while others require me to rip the entire track, convert to .avi, then edit out the surrounding content...

Isn't there a small utility, or shareware prg out there somewhere that just caps clips, straight off the DVD, without a lot of extra steps & conversions?

Just fishin' for ideas... Thanks for any input...
I do this with VideoRedo. Just remember that AnyDVD must be running to remove any protection. Just open up the VOB you want to capture a clip from directly off the DVD, select the part you want to keep (or if you use cut mode, select the parts you want to cut), and then write it out as an MPEG2 file. Good to go. This will, of course, not keep subtitles, but, it should do what you're looking for.
Hello, LittleMrJ,

The FREE software "THE KMPLAYER" ( www.kmplayer.com ) has wonderful capture options: it can make video and/or audio captures (saves audio captures as .MP3!), extract pictures, and make storyboards (MPC calls them "thumbnails"), and play and capture from .FLV videos downloaded from YouTube. It is the best free player and quasi-ripper/capture tool I know.

Many greetings, :)

A Friend
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