Any Suggestion which Visa Debit card to Buy

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by AnyDVD user, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. AnyDVD user

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    i have tried to order AnyDVD license using my Chase Visa credit card. The transactions never show up so they are not being denied by Chase or Visa. Chase Visa tells me my card does have the Visa 3D Security and is authorized for international sales.

    It appears that all banks have stopped transactions to Red Fox in an attempt to stop users from using AnyDVD. Visa is not even seeing the transaction. Red Fox was unable to help me other than to say that it was blocked somewhere in the network but Visa says that it is not blocked on their end.

    I really want to get a license. I have used their software successfully until recently when I upgraded my computer from windows 7 to windows 10. After the upgrade AnyDVD no longer recognized my DVD drives. I was forced to reinstall AnyDVD and the old license no longer worked. After the trial period I am now stuck since I can not get Red Fox to accept my Visa credit card.

    Is there a particular Visa Debit card that others have used successfully? If so I will purchase that card so I can buy the license.
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  2. Paul W. H

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    Good question.

    Does RedFox have a UK "Agent" that we can deal with directly using a UK cheque or Bank Transfer to avoid all these Credit/Debit Card issues.
  3. Jill

    Jill Support Team Staff Member

    In many of those cases where "the bank does not see the transaction", the card itself is either not unlocked for 3D Secure features (Visa Secure, MasterCard Secure Code) or something (a firewall, a browser plug-in or similar...) blocks the redirect to these 3D Secure servers.

    We do not have "direct agents" anywhere, sorry.
  4. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    RedFox does have different payment routings for different countries. Usually we check the country of your IP address and the country you enter in purchase form. If you are wanna buy in UK, you will get the UK routing only if both matches. So just try to enter another country (in Europe) or try another IP address (via VPN) and it should go through.
  5. AnyDVD user

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    I am located in the United States so I don’t know how to use a different country to change the routing. I called Chase Visa and the agent put me on hold to check with the Main Visa and they assure me that the card has the required security and will do international purchases.
    If my browser or firewall was blocking things I would not be getting emails from Red Fox replying to my emails. It appears that *******.net which Red Fox says they are using is doing the blocking since Visa does not even see the transactions.
  6. Ivan

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    I double checked your purchase attempts and they got all refused on the way to the credit card issuer (obviously before they made it to the issuer).
    There is nothing we can do about. Sorry.