any one managed to play blueray and HD DVD with software like media portal , xlobby

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  1. jamieuk147

    jamieuk147 Active Member

    any way round getting your HD and blueray movies playing through this type of movie organise software like media portal etc ?
  2. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    As I've mentioned elsewhere I do it with Meedio, using the Movienight and Playmee plugins

    Movienight gets all the movie artwork, IMDb/AllMovie/MovieMistakes/Trivia info.

    Playmee automatically mounts the iso (using Daemon Tools) before starting PowerDVD. When you close PowerDVD Playmee unmounts the iso.
  3. jamieuk147

    jamieuk147 Active Member

    any idea were I can get Meedio from ?? seems they went to yahoo
  4. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    First, I warn you, there is a learning curve....

    Meedio is now a community project with plugins changing daily with sometimes limited documentation!

    The new home is:

    And the latest version is @:

    I personally would suggest you stick with the 'micro build' and install the plugins you need, rather than use the "ultimate".
  5. jamieuk147

    jamieuk147 Active Member

    Meedio is like FFDSHOW on steriods !! there is so many options ! it must take a long time to master this software.

    I understand the basics and I am confident with getting it working ok.

    I have now converted all my M2ts files to a ISO and every movie is in its own folder and i have selected this using the Meedio post setup wizard. the problem seems when I select the directory were all my movies are in it isnt showing them in the "my movies section" off meedio for some reason.

    Can you advise me how to get started a little please mate ??

    thanks for any help
  6. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    First you need to "import" your movie library. This can be a mix of .isos for HD, straight DVD rips with all the .ifos and .vobs, and .avi/.mkv file rips.

    Use "Tag Mask Importer" to get the movie name from your folder name and identify the "main file" (video_ts.ifo, movie.avi, movie.iso). You need to set the filter mask to find all the different types of movie file in your library.

    Use "MovieMee importer" to take that moviename and get related info from IMDb

    Use "MovieNight Extras" to get other movie info (enhanced synopsis, critic review, trivia, movie mistakes etc.)

    Run all these importers one after another on your movie library.

    Then display using "MovieNight", this is much better than the, now very old, standard Meedio Movie module.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Datus

    Datus Well-Known Member

    Im like pigs in ****

    Tried meedio, Spent 10 hours on it, in the end I didnt think it was worth the effort to continue.
    Tried MyMovies (but failed to install on Vista 64).
    I also felt all the above seemed to work fine with DVD's but not HD .iso's
    Didn't want my front room cinima PC hooked up to the web either.

    Ditched a basic html code I wrote too, worked fairly well but required a lot of manual work.

    So this weekend I decided to WRITE my OWN software & after 18 hours, Bingo.
    Works like this (please no crying)!

    1) It reads a file containing a list of your thumbnails (pictures off HD covers from amazon etc).

    2) Reads a file with your .iso film names and locations (handy if you got lots of drives ect).

    3) Opens a screen maxed to your screen resolution & fills it with all your thumbnails.

    4) You select the thumbnail film of your choice,
    (Displays the film name if it cant find a picture)

    5) It pops up a splash screen for 2 seconds.
    (higher resolution picture, e.g. film poster off google image search).
    (Displays nothing if it cant find a picture)

    6) Unmounts any .iso in Daemon tools that might be left in there.

    7) Then loads your .iso into Daemon tools,
    What ever you have as your default player (mine is PowerDVD Ultra) it
    loads and wola your film plays.

    8 ) Sits there waiting for you to choose another film when your finished.

    I stick it in the startup so it loads automatically so the Mrs, Visitors kids (we dont have none), Cat whatever can use it.
    No brainer!!!!

    Note : Uses zero cpu.
    ______Has a config file where you can choose the background color that
    ______your thumbnails display on.
    ______And where your Demon tools program is.
    ______Thinking of tailoring it to load any program & pass any parms for
    ______any .iso e.g. CD's
    ______Self contained, doesnt modifiy any file, registry etc.

    Funny hardly done any programming since the 80's on CBM64 (thought id lost the power) ow the fond memories.

    Like they say "If you can't find a program to do what you want, Write it!" :p
  8. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    I can understand if you are doing this just to load isos it is a bit of a learning curve. But I promise, it does work.