Any Luck With Blade Runner and PDVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by MexiCanuck, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. MexiCanuck

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    I picked up the LG Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drive a couple of weeks ago and have now bought my first two HD-DVD titles, "Grand Prix" and "Blade Runner Collector's Edition".

    I am using the non-updated Power DVD software that came with the LG drive.

    I used AnyDVD-HD to rip GP and Blade Runner Final Cut.

    Grand Prix plays. BRFC causes PDVD to crash. When I start to play BRFC it gets to a scene in which a guy is smoking.

    Has anyone managed to get this to play? I understand that I can't update the PDVD software as I will lose all HDD playback.

    I tried to download the Nero Ultra trial software today but the transfer was exceedingly slow. It was going to take something like seven hours to download it. My other downloading today has been fine, so I guess it is a Nero server problem.
  2. Nova935

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    Have you tried playing the "ripped" copy of Blade Runner from your hard drive? Most of my HD DVD and Blu Ray movies play significantly better playing them from my hard drive. Its much harder trying to watch HD movies from the disc while AnyDVDHD does its magic on ther fly. I wouldnt bother with Nero because it seems to have more bugs in the program than PowerDVD.
    Most AnyDVD forum members including myself are using PowerDVD version 3104a. It will prompt you everytime you play a disc that an update is required to support new movies and to update to this new version. Just click no. I havent found any of my HD DVD or Blu Ray movies that version 3104a can handle. You wont find this earlier version on Cyberlinks website. Maybe some of our forum members can recommend a safe website where you could download it from. The latest versions of PowerDVD dont allow you to play the "ripped" movie from your hard drive. Let us know if this helps you.
  3. MexiCanuck

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    Sorry I wasn't clear. Power DVD crashes on the Blade Runner that I have ripped to a HDD using AnyDVD-HD.
  4. NBguy

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    Blade Runner works with AnyDVD HD

    BL is the only Blu-Ray disk that I can watch with my DVI connection, no problem. I have the 5 disc collectors Edition. It works with both Analog and DVI Connection. I am running Vista and Anydvd w/ administrator Permissions