any good replacement for dvdxrescue out there

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    i don't make as many dvds as most of u guys but when i do i use the following steps: with anydvd in background dvdshrink/reautho\main movie/compression settings-no compression; strip unneeded audio /backup as iso image/ put it in virtual drive/ launch dvdxrescue and using virtual drive as source make a backup...i do this because these discs seem to play in all dvd players i've tried including very old ones that won't play ant other copied dvd...i always assumed that dvdxrescue used a very intense burning process...does anyone knowoif newer software that is as good..i guess i could experiment but my coffee table has more than enough coasters

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    try clonedvd2 from slysoft with anydvd . your working to hard, try using -r disc i find that they play in most all dvd players but try one out first before you buy in bulk
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    i tried -R DVDs and none worked. Not with CloneDVD2 or Nero.
    +r have always worked for me though. good luck