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any good gen on backing up PS2


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Jan 29, 2007

Like many i have a child who treats his PS2 games like they cost pennies, not pounds. any idea how to back up the purchased master copy so that he can destroy the backup rather than the origional? many thanks.
dvd decrypter does them just fine, but you need a slide tool or a mod chip to play them.
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many thanks for speedy reply. now i know that i am going to sound dim, but what is a slide tool?
The PS2 will reset every time the disk tray or top is opened, which will require a reboot, copies do not have this boot information so you need a way to prevent a reset after the boot disk like Swap Magic. I just changed the case on mine so the top opens for disk swap and I never open the tray. If you are good with a soldering iron just get a mod chip and forget all the disk swap stuff.
Please excuse the forward question but with due respect to all parties concerned, if these copy utilities are so good then why can't they just make an exact copy? It seems logical to me that this would be on somebody's radar screen.

All this mod chip crap is for the birds. Either make a real cloned copy or stop claiming to be able to do so. It's like saying, "We make an exact duplicate of the original except for the stuff we can't duplicate." Well ain't that convenient! It's really that simple.

You needn't tell me it can't be done. Something else is going on here.
The boot sector on a ps2 disc has never yet been copied by no program thats why we all need modchips\slidecards and boot discs..
And the bootdiscs cant be copied either
best bet is to get a good modchip failing that then go for the slidecard\bootdisc method (but this does not work with every game)