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    I just installed AnyDVD and am trying to copy my DVD's. When I insert a DVD AnyDVD decodes it fine. I click copy in Roxio 9.0, works fine and then asks to insert a blank or rewriteable DVD. That is where the trouble starts. Every time I click OK my burner spits out the DVD and the same insert blank DVD message comes up. The DVD's are new Sony brand DVD+R. I've tried a bunch in the stack and I get the same result. Any suggestions?
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    You don't mention what your burner is or the title you're trying to back-up. All AnyDVD does is remove copy protection and since it can read and copy the disc, AnyDVD is not the problem, so it boils down to: 1) your burner doesn't like your blank media or isn't a burner but reader only, 2) Roxio or your options in Roxio aren't correct, 3) your blank media is not good, 4) you have some packet writing software installed that may be interfering, including Roxio's Drag-to-Disc.
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    Thanks for the reply. I see you're point about AnyDVD only removing the protections and not part of the copy process. The burner is just some generic brand, says Writemaster on the front but is a CD/DVD burner. The movie I was trying to copy is DodgeBall. I clicked on the copy disk option. Did not try drag and drop but will give that a try. If that doesn't work I'll try something else.
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    It may be because

    You may need to use a DL disc. Dodgeball is a 8.5 GB disc and you are using a 4.7 GB disc. You have to shrink the movie and all files on the main disc. That is why you may need CloneDVD2 also that is what that software does.
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    I'm with ridhst. Sounds like the data isn't compressed.
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    If you are using Roxio to burn straight to another disc and you have the settings set to never cache a movie. Then roxio can not shrink the movie down to a 4.7 disc. If you set your setting to always cache or sometimes cache then it can shrink the movie down to fit on a 4.7 disc.
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