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    I have a question for you guys...I have been enjoying anydvd HD and I think it's great. There is only one problem....whenever I go to my roxio 9.0 to burn a CD from songs I've downloaded to a CD-R. My drives would not read my kept saying to enter correct or blank media and it kept kicking it out.

    I had orginally bought some cheap generic CD-R's from Microcenter so I thought that was the problem and went to the store and bought verbatium CD-R's and it did the same thing. I used to burn cd's just fine on the cheap stuff before I got AnyDvD. I called Roxio and they referred me to DELL. I called DELL and they walked me through taking out the low filters, which deleted my anydvd software and then I was able to burn CD-R's just fine through Roxio. I went in and redownloaded anydvd back in my computer and now it will not read my blank CD-R's again. I am using windows vista premium.

    My question is if there is anyway I can use my Roxio Creater 9.0 and burn CD's without having to uninstall my anydvd everytime I need to burn a CD? :confused:
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    instead of uninstalling anydvd (as you suggested),try exiting the program instead (right click on the fox in the notification area>exit).then do you have the same problem?
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    In addition to doing what Mike20021969 asked, do this:

    1. i. For XP with ide burners
    Click this

    Do what it says to do if you have XP and an ide burner/optical drive.

    ii. For Vista with ide burners

    Go into device manager, and check to ensure you're using standard Microsoft ide busmaster drivers.

    Right click on your PCI IDE Bus Master controller, and remove it. Ensure that it also removes the driver for your DVD/CD rom. Reboot. Your system should find hardware. After your system is finished installing hardware, reboot again.

    click to get a better idea of what I'm asking for if you're using Vista.

    2. a) Download imgburn. It's a free program:
    (it's also an excellent program imo)

    b) Go to Tools > Filter Driver Load Order. Click "Clipboard". Then paste the information you pasted into your clipboard into your next post (ctrl-v).
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    Thanks for the tip guys, this worked! :bowdown: